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The 7 best beaches around Cannigione

Cannigione and its neighbouring areas, located in Costa Smeralda, have beautiful beaches. They are not [...]

The 7 best beaches around Arzachena

We can access Arzachena’s excellent beaches easily. There are shady bays and family-friendly beaches here, [...]

8 beaches of picturesque beauty in Bosa

There are several Sardinian beaches near Bosa that you should discover. Most of them are [...]

9 beautiful beaches in Carloforte

There are many beautiful beaches in Carloforte. They are characterised by the fine-grained, white sand, [...]

8 breathtaking beaches around Cagliari

You can find amazing beaches in the city and nearby – especially in Villasimius. Most [...]

Beaches in Alghero: 8 picturesque beaches around Alghero

In the city and in its neighbourhood, you can explore several beautiful beaches. Sandy shore [...]

Best beaches in Sardinia: Dip in the azure blue sea

The second largest island in the Mediterranean region is famous for the beauty of its [...]

9 most beautiful beaches in Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda is 55 km long in the north-east part of the island, between Olbia [...]