Despite the small size of this beautiful Caribbean island, it is crowded with beautiful beaches. There are about 300 beaches in Puerto Rico, so it is not easy to pick the best ones. However, we did it for you, so you just have to choose where to relax off the working days.beaches in Puerto Rico

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

The best beaches in the central region of Puerto Rico

The central region includes the capital, San Juan, its suburban environment and the Isla Verde town area. The latter is located in the neighbourhood of the international airport, however, we can also find great beaches here.

Isla Verde Beach (Carolina district, San Juan)

The coastline is long, wide, and it is surrounded by coconut trees. The water is pleasant and warm throughout the year. The “Isla Verde Beach” known by tourists is actually three different beaches, each with its own atmosphere and possibilities. This neighbourhood is not only a seaside resort, but there are many residential properties around here. As long as tourists rest, the locals are working, so these beaches are surprisingly less crowded than other seaside sections.
The locals are very friendly, willingly talk with strangers. This district is a very convenient choice for those who want to relax close to the San Juan International Airport. Here you can find the largest selection of accommodation options. This is one of Puerto Rico’s most family-friendly areas, which offers great entertainment and recreational opportunities for both adults and children.

Balneario El Escambron (San Juan)

The Escambron Beach is much more than a simple beach: it is a real experience. Clearwater, huge coconut palms, but also scenic views of San Juan’s Old Town. There are plenty of sandy and green areas for the kids. And if you’re done with relaxation, then you can explore the city on foot where you can enjoy the many attractions, about which you can read more here. It is important to know that “Balneario” means free beach, which is maintained by the government.

Condado Beach (San Juan)

Condado Beach is a very popular plague among tourists visiting San Juan, and for those who are looking for Caribbean beach resort atmosphere. It is often compared to Miami Beach’s mood. It attracts large crowds, from families to celebrities, everyone enjoys spending some time here. You can try beach volleyball and other water sports. If you are coming with kids, it is good to know that water is not the best for swimming. However, the Playita del Condado is really near. It’s a quiet little beach that is perfect for families with children.Coasts and islands in Puerto Rico

Beaches in Puerto Rico: what you can find on the west coast. Porta del Sol region

La Playuela / “Playa Sucia” (Cabo Rojo)

Don’t let the name mislead you (Sucia means dirty) because the locals and the experienced travellers agree that this is one of most the beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico. The sand is snow-white and the sea water is turquoise coloured. Cabo Rojo is a beautiful seaside town, which is a gift for nature lovers. Outside this beach, there are also many attractions to see. One of the most breathtaking experience to go up to the local lighthouse, where the beautiful Caribbean panorama reveals to us.

Combate Beach (Cabo Rojo)

This was the first beach, which was cleaned and restored after the 2017 devastation of Hurricane Maria. It is the longest beach in Puerto Rico, a wonderful place to take great walks on the shore. The water is clean, and it has the perfect depths for swimming. This is a very popular beach on the weekends and during summer months, but on weekdays the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.

Domes Beach (Rincón)

Rincón town’s name means “corner”, and indeed, it is in the westernmost tip of the island. This place is the surfer’s Mecca. So it is not surprising that local beaches are less suitable for swimming and relaxing. We’d rather admire the science of surfing from the shore, or we can give it a try ourselves. One of the best places to visit is the Domes Beach. You can find a line of good seaside restaurants nearby. Horse riding tour is a popular activity in this area.

Playa Poza De Teodoro (Isabela village)

The settlement of “Northwest Garden” was named after the famous ruler, Isabella of Castile. Among its many beaches, we recommend the shallow, saltwater beach of Poza De Teodoro for families, as the water is only two foot deep. There is no direct connection to the open sea, the water is pleasantly warm throughout the year.
If you want to take long walks, Isabela offers more than 3 UNESCO World Heritages of beach for this purpose. In the winter months, when there is no main season, we don’t have to be afraid, there will be no crowd to disturb our peace.

Coasts and bays in Puerto Rico: beaches in the north shore of Puerto Rico

The northern shores are quite unique, and the landscape is very different from the Caribbean side. The seashore is rather rocky. From late spring to early autumn it is best to swim in the northern waters.

Dorado Beach (Dorado)

Dorado is a quiet little town, with lots of green belt areas and a truly luxurious beach, which is just 45 minutes’ drive from San Juan. This is Dorado Beach. Private beach sections and even golfing facilities await those who want to feel the utmost in comfort, with excellent service and care.

Playa Cueva Las Golondrinas (Manati)

This beach is surrounded by lush shade trees. On the west side of the plage, a cave holds back the strong waves. The water is crystal clear, the surface is calm. The best time for swimming and relaxing here is from late spring to late summer.bay in Puerto Rico

Beaches in Puerto Rico: what you can find on the east coast

Luquillo Beach (Luquillo)

This beach is also known as Balneario La Monserrate. Luquillo city is 12 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The water is calm, and the beach offers a great view of the El Yunque rainforest, where a national park has been established.

Punta Tuna Beach (Maunabo)

This beach is the true jewel of the southeast part of Puerto Rico. There is a nature reserve nearby, which is a natural habitat for protected turtle species. It is a special experience to watch the sunset from the Punta Tuna’s lighthouse.

Vieques and Culebra – two must-sees “beach paradise”

There are several smaller islands near Puerto Rico’s main island. The most prominent of these are Vieques and Culebra. In both places, you will find many more and more beautiful beaches. We are presenting you some of these.Coasts and islands in Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach (Culebra)

There are many things that make this beach lovable. The lights, the waves of the sea, the coral reefs, the turtles on the shore. You can hardly find any traces of the devastation of Hurricane Maria, but it is advisable to approach the island by plane instead of the ferry because the service is not fully reliable yet.

Zoni Beach (Culebra)

The second most popular beach on the island. It is less upscale than the Flamenco beach, so it is more suitable for quiet relaxation and sitting under a palm tree. Nature is beautiful here too, the view is exquisite. In good weather conditions, you can even see the distant St. Thomas and Tortola Islands.

Bahia de la Chiva aka “Blue Beach” (Vieques)

The “blue beach” got its name after the contrasts and many of the colourful shades of the sea. This is one of the best places for snorkelling in Puerto Rico. The quality of the water is perfect, we recommend it for all generations.

Playa Caracas aka “Red Beach” (Vieques)

This part of the beach is one of the most popular ones. It offers beautiful scenery, clean water for swimming and playing. The wide beach invites you with lots of white sand for relaxing, playing beach volleyball, and for family picnics.

We have written about many beaches in this article, where you can pass yourself for a carefree rest. If you are looking for active relaxation, read about Puerto Rico attractions or about what to do here.