Greece is known for its beautiful beaches all over the world. They can be found along the Aegean Sea in an extremely large number of places. Each waterfront offers something special. Better and better beaches are close to each other, where the quality of water and the cleanliness of the beach is good. Most of the coastline lies in bays between the mountains, with snow-white pebble and dazzling blue water. The Mediterranean vegetation is green even in the largest summer heat. beaches in the agean sea

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Beaches in the Aegean Sea: The 5 most famous islands and coasts of the Aegean Sea are waiting for you

Greece has the 11th longest beach in the world, thanks to its extremely jagged coastline and the many islands. More than 300 beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag certification. A beach must meet dozens of criteria, to get this qualification. The purity of the sea and continuously maintained beaches get this certificate. The rating is up to date because it is constantly being reviewed and it is only given to the excellent ones – over and over again.
Rains lasting several days occurs very rarely. So we do not have to worry that our holiday will be spent in bad weather! The warmest period is in the first days of July and August when the average temperature is between 29 and 35 degrees Celsius. During the warm period, the high temperature is moderated by the fresh sea breeze, and from the country’s coastal areas the north winds. From the Aegean Sea, the so-called “Etesian” wind blows.
beaches in the agean sea


The beach of Elafonisi is the most famous beach. This place is just as beautiful with the pink sand, as popular it is. In the pre and after the season, you can enjoy the sunshine in complete calmness. Thanks to the mountains and the canyons, you can choose from a variety of open-air programs for active relaxation.
Another famous destination is the coastline of Kissamos. The lagoon is located between Crete and the island Imeri Gramvousa. Here you can also enjoy a stunning view. The rocks with the pink sand-lined turquoise water are just amazing. Matala town’s beach is quite special because of the mysterious rock cavities. The fully-built beach is near to the city centre. It invites the sea lovers with 250-meter-long sandy-gravel beachfront.
Crete is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the locals call it Megalonisos Great Island, the Big Island. This popular Greek island offers sightseeing and discoveries such as the excavations of Phaistos and Gortus, the Venetian castle of Rethymno or the Samaria Gorge. Crete was the centre of the Minoan culture, the oldest known European civilization, whose traces are still found on the island. There is hardly any settlement where we could not find a wide range of historical monuments, cultural and other attractions.


This is the third largest island of the Cyclades archipelago. It’s special because marble is its foundation. With its green vine arbours, this island is a real paradise. In these places, ancient ruins and marble mines can be found. The coast of the island is mostly steep and rocky, but there are beautiful sandy beaches which are perfect for swimming. In some places, surf competitions are also held.


Mykonos is especially popular among younger generations because of the busy nightlife. This island is also interesting because in some places the locals are handing out their national drink for free, anise brandy or as they call it ouzo. Those who want to have a night out near to the sandy shore and the sea, Paradise Beach is the best choice. The popular destination for groups of friends. There is a huge sandy bay where the water is translucent, turquoise colour.the Aegean Sea


The Dodecanese island group, which belongs to Rhodes, is located close to the coast of Turkey. The beaches of the island are beautiful, usually covered with silky sand, and because of the gradually deepening water, it is ideal for families with small children. The most famous and wonderful is the Anthony Quinn Bay which is close to the town of Faliraki. In the movie Zorba the Greek, Quinn played the role of a protagonist authentically, that he even received honorary Greek citizenyacht. The capital 4 km away from Rhodos, the Ixia resort features original Greek taverns and a long pebble beach, which we recommend for surfing enthusiasts.


Santorini is considered one of the most romantic islands in the world. Its colourful cliffs are piled at 300 m height over the sea. The island is a remnant of a powerful volcanic explosion. Its beaches are covered with black volcanic sand. Here you can try scuba diving and water sports. The indigo blue water of the Aegean Sea washes the fine sandy shore. The nightlife is vibrant on the island, so the atmosphere is idyllic on the coasts, just like at the Kamari beach. Great restaurants and sparkling nightlife.

Beaches in the Aegean Sea: Popular beaches

Breathtaking coasts can be found on the beaches of the Aegean Sea. In most places fine-grained white sand and slowly deepening water welcome the visitors, so they are very popular among families and groups of friends. It is a pleasure for both children and adults to swim in the turquoise sea.


Milos is called the island of colours. Here you can see white volcanic rocks, whose material is as soft as chalk. Since there is a relatively long coastline, sooner or later we will certainly find a more abandoned part that we can take possession of. Because of the pleasant, slowly deepening water this is a popular place among families, and in the deeper parts, we have a long, uninterrupted swim. The volcanic origin island, with its tranquillity and natural features, has become a popular destination. Here we really can feel ourselves in nature.beaches in Aegean sea


The white sandy beach of Agios Prokopios has exquisite views. In the north, cliffs are coming out of nowhere, and in the south large shady trees are standing creating a unique atmosphere. It is popular among families who love shallow coasts, easily accessible cafes and markets. The Plaka beach is also popular. Its long golden sandy beach runs almost all along the island. Here are some hidden coastlines, so if you prefer quiet relaxation, you can find the ideal swimming and sunbathing area.


Kos is famous for its wide, sandy and pebble beaches with crystal-clear waters, which offer uninterrupted swimming. Thanks to the constant wind, the northern shores of the island are ideal for water sports enthusiasts like surfers. The most beautiful sandy beaches in the north shore, found in the area of Tigaki, Marmari and Mastichari.

The best beaches for sunbathing are on the south shore, including Kardamena and Kefalos. Fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters await the visitors. Paradise Beach is one of the most popular, here the water is clear, shallow and calm.

The islands of Skiathos and Skopelos

They belong to the Sporades island group. The famous Mamma Mia movie, in which Hollywood stars sang Abba songs, was filmed on these two islands, so their shores became very popular. It is famous for its white sandy beach and blueish-green water. The Koukounaries coast is popular among both Greek and foreign travellers. The beach has soft sand and a beautiful view of lush stone pines. Here you can try boating, water-skiing or even horse riding.
Who would not want to lay down on sandy beaches, stretch out in the sparkling sunshine, and swim in the rippling clean sea water? Those who are attracted by the Mediterranean feeling and the beautiful seaside environment, you can find what you are looking for in the peninsula and in the surrounding archipelago. Find the ideal coast for your relaxation! Enjoy the beautiful nature or party all night long!