We can access Arzachena’s excellent beaches easily. There are shady bays and family-friendly beaches here, as well as watersports such as surfing, waterskiing and scuba diving. The best beaches in Arzachena? Visit the following picturesque spot, and you will not be disappointed.beaches in Arzachena

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

The best beaches in Arzachena

Costa Smeralda is one of the most popular holiday resorts not only in Italy but all over Europe as well. We are going to show you the must-see places.

Ea Bianca Beach

The beach can be found on the eastern side of Arzachena Bay, in an area that is protected well, apart from the winds coming from the west. There is rough and yellow sand here. If you visit the place, you can enjoy the sun and the wonderful sunset for a long time. There is also a lake surrounded by rocks near the beach. There are no vendors or bars here, and we cannot rent sunshades or loungers either.

La Celvia Beach

La Celvia Beach is located in the heart of Costa Smeralda, a pleasant walk away from the beach of Capriccioli. This is one of the largest beaches in the area with a length of almost 300 metres. It is not only popular among tourists but international celebrities as well. They offer many tourist services. There are great dining opportunities; many restaurants serve cocktails and champagne. If you are here, you should try snorkelling and scuba diving. Beaches in Arzachena

Coasts and bays around Arzachena

La Priscine Beach (Palau)

Palau is characterised by rocky bays and tiny, hidden beaches. The fine white sand is covered by rich vegetation that nearly reaches the sea. This is one of the most spectacular sights on these shores. Thanks to the crystal clear water and the richness of the sea bottom, Le Priscine is very popular among those who love diving and snorkelling. You should not expect any facilities or services though.

Cotticio Bay (Caprera Island)

Cala Coticcio Beach is located on the second largest island in the Maddalena Archipelago, Caprera. It is a breathtaking, protected beach accessible from the sea. You can also take part in organised boat trips to visit this place, also known as Tahiti Bay. There is fine sand here with a gleaming white colour. The beach is situated in a wonderful natural environment – the beauty of the crystal clear sea is further enhanced by the pink stones and Mediterranean bushes nearby.

Baja Sardinia Beach (Baja Sardinia)

The beautiful and famous Baja Sardinia Beach is among the northernmost beaches in Costa Smeralda. It has white sand and crystal clear sea in turquoise colour. The 300-metre-long beach provides a fascinating view of the Maddalena Archipelago, easily accessible by boat. The bay’s situation, the perfect wind condition and the flows make this spot very popular among surfers. The area around Baja Sardinia is also famous for its restaurants and nightlife.

Cala Granu Beach (Porto Cervo)

This beach is among the most popular ones in town; you can find it 1 kilometre to the north from Porto Cervo. There are white, soft sand and incredibly clear waters. Although small in size with its length of 100 metres, the beach provides pleasant recreational opportunities for everyone, regardless of age. Thanks to the shallow waters, we recommend it to families with small children in particular. There are catering opportunities, and we can rent sunshades and loungers during the main season. The beach is popular among diving enthusiasts. The beautiful sailboats rocking on the sea provide an idyllic sight.coast of Arzachena

Pevero Beach (Porto Cervo)

The beach of Pevero is the most famous one among all the beaches in Porto Cervo. There are two parts here: The 120-metre-long Piccolo Pevero and the larger one, Grande Pevero. Both are located only 3 kilometres to the south from Porto Cervo and 2.5 kilometres to the northwest from Romazzino Beach. Piccolo Pevero and Grande Pevero are situated around 600 metres from each other. The latter has many bars, hotels, restaurants, shops and other services to offer. You can swim, dive and snorkel in the crystal clear water.

You can explore buzzing beaches as well as more peaceful ones on the shores of Arzachena in Costa Smeralda. The beaches have sandy shores and shallow, crystal clear waters. Choose from the picturesque beaches presented in this article!