The island of Mykonos is one of the most beautiful members of the Cyclades. There are great beaches in its shores, surrounded by bays. The Aegean Sea is incredibly clear; the water is 25–28°C in the protected areas. Thanks to its diverse terrain, you can find sandy, pebbly and rocky beaches as well. You can choose from romantic, secluded parts and buzzing beaches with parties. In this article, we are going to introduce the best beaches in Mykonos!beaches in Mykonos

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The best beaches in Mykonos: Where life never stops

Mykonos has become the busiest party island in Greece during the last decades. Tourists seeking relaxation arrive from every part of the world. The tiny island is famous for its lively nightlife. We have collected the best beaches in Mykonos for you that is always buzzing!

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is located in the southeastern part of the island. There are large crowds of tourists during the summer season. They can enjoy comfortable lungers and the best bars on the sandy beaches. It is a nudist beach with an incredibly welcoming community. Carefree relaxation is guaranteed by a diving centre and different watersport facilities. When the night comes, the whole beach is transformed into a giant dance floor with great DJs providing the rhythms. The part only ends at sunrise.

Super Paradise Beach

You can find this shore segment right next to Paradise Beach. It is covered by soft golden sand, and we can rent comfy loungers. It is not as cosy as its neighbour, but it’s just as buzzing. This beach has been a meeting point for gay people for dozens of years. During the season, you have to arrive early to make sure you find a free spot. Music, dancing and amazing cocktails will help you relax.beaches in Mykonos


The bay of Elia is located farther to the west from the beach mentioned above. It is a beautiful holiday resort, with all the necessary equipment. The beach is giant and has a lot of spots. They have taverns, bars and a beach volleyball court. You can go surfing or waterskiing, and don’t miss scuba diving either! Make sure to spend an entire day here, as there are many opportunities!

Platis Gialos

We are still on the southern side of the island. Platis Gialos is located 10 kilometres from the city of Mykonos. It has a complete infrastructure and is recommended to families with small children as well. The beach is surrounded by snow-white apartments. Guests practically step right on the lukewarm golden sand when they leave their rooms. The water is shallow and slowly-deepening. They have sunshades and refreshing drinks making our time spent here unforgettable.


This is a really exclusive beach. Chances are that you will realise: you’re sipping your cocktail right next to a celebrity or having lunch at a table next to theirs. The beach is kept very clean, and your entertainment is always a guarantee! Go scuba diving or snorkelling in the crystal-clear water. You can try many types of watersports.


If you are looking for calm sunbathing or a nice afternoon nap on the beach, you should definitely avoid the beach of Kalafatis! This is a very well-established and always buzzing beach. It is a paradise for surfers due to the suitable wind conditions. Adventurous surfers organise their summer contests here. If you are not interested in surfing, you can still rent a canoe or a jet ski. This is the only beach in Mykonos where the trees provide a pleasant shade. The restaurant has a rich menu, so you won’t stay hungry for long.Coasts and islands in Mykonos

Coasts and bays in Mykonos:
If you want to escape from the noisy world

Beside the party beaches listed above, there are many quiet bays where you can get some rest. If you would like to swim in a natural environment or read while listening to the birds, you are in the perfect place. Most of the shores of Mykonos are uninhabited. There are many secluded bays that only the locals know, and even they don’t visit them too often. If you arrive on a boat, you can explore the best beaches, as many of them are only accessible from the water. The best coasts and bays in Mykonos if you are looking for peace Read on, and we are going to show you!


This beach is even closer to civilisation, near Kalafatis. There are no music pubs and crowds here. Still, they offer some sunshades and loungers. The water has a tone of colour that reminds you to tropical areas. It has a sandy, shallow shore segment, The place is ideal for families as small children can also enjoy the water.

Agios Ioannis

This beach is located on the western side of the beach. One of the reasons for its beauty is that it provides a great view of the island of Delos. The other reason is that not many tourists arrive even during the main season, as it is located far away from the more buzzing southern shores. There are loungers and fine sand. Don’t leave your book on the boat!

Agios Sostis

One of the smallest islands of Mykonos. This unspoiled natural environment will make you think that the outer world has ceased to exist. There are green hills here instead of sandy beaches. In some places, red rocks make the view even more colourful. Be in harmony with the music of the sea and the wind.


This is a tiny fishing village 12 kilometres from the capital of the island. Its small white houses are gleaming in the sunshine. The beach is very small and pebbly. In the taverns nearby, they serve fresh fish caught by the local fisherman that day.


The beach of Fokos is located not far from the water reservoirs of Mykonos. It is completely stranded, and there are no amenities. You are your own boss in these parts, enjoying the freedom given by nature. There are no crowds even during the main season; the local pub is only a short walk away. You can enjoy a great swim in its clear water and have a carefree relaxation on the sandy shores.


You can find it near Agios Ioannis. It is hard to access it on the land, as the roads and paths leading here have no signs. It is a better idea to arrive by boat. Due to its secluded nature, only a few visitors are common here. It is a peaceful sandy bay where the waters are also very quiet.coast of Mykonos


Although there is no established infrastructure in Ftelia, surfers still love the place. They appear here from time to time, but not as many of them visit the place as Kalafatis. If you like this sport and would prefer to avoid crowds, you must visit the place.


It can be found in the northern part of Mykonos, in a stranded and quiet environment. Visitors are tempted by the soft sand in the beautiful bay that has the shape of a crescent. The beach is far from the noisy world and is always peaceful. It’s worth visiting the place as they have delicious food in the tavern on the beach.


There is a small and cosy beach near Agios Ioannis. Glyfadi is a tiny bay where the comfort of visitors is provided by a few tables and chairs. It is rather the locals who sit out there in the evening. There is no restaurant here, but they have vacation rentals.

In this article, we have introduced the best beaches in Mykonos. The tiny bays and well-established beaches will surely have something surprising to offer you. Enjoy the summer, and don’t forget your surfboard either!