The most important part of a true Mediterranean holiday is the beach. On hot summer days, there is nothing better than taking a dip in the clear blue waters of the sea. The Attic Peninsula and the area around Lavrion abound in beautiful bays. The best beaches in Lavrion? Let us introduce you some of them to make your choice easier! beaches in Lavrion

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Best beaches in Lavrion: The best places north of the city

Even though we are talking about a port city, the sea is clear as the lagoon of a remote island. There are several beaches along the coast of Lavrion. Sandy beaches and romantic, rocky bays await the tourists. The nearby villages also have some great beaches to offer. In this article, we will show you the best beaches in Lavrion if you head north!


You can find Nisaki right after the new port. It is a black pebble beach where you can always go for a quick swim. Palm umbrellas provide shade.


It is a lovely little bay, surrounded by golden cliffs. The locals have built romantic little benches on the pebble beach so they can comfortably sit while admiring the beautiful sunsets. There are no services here because basically, only the residents of this area come here.

Thoriko Beach

The beach of Thoricus, known for its ancient theatre, is also noteworthy. Its long sandy beach is popular among families with small children. There are bathrooms and a restaurant is nearby. Drop anchor here and after admiring the archaic ruins swim in the blue waters!

Agia Marina Delenia

Further north we stumble upon the Agia Marina free beach. The water deepens slowly and it is a protected beach. The sea shines in turquoise and deep green colours. Only a few people visit this place, it is very peaceful.Coasts and islands in Lavrion


Tsoníma lies along the main road to the north. It is surrounded by laurel and palm trees. The water deepens quickly and is therefore recommended only for good swimmers. The rocky side is perfect for snorkelling. Mooring is easy, the seabed is sandy and deep.


It is a sandy-pebbly beach. There are tavernas, bars, bathrooms and lifeguards on the coast. You can rent a sun umbrella and sun loungers. The beach is recommended for families with small children because the water deepens slowly and the sea is peaceful here.

Porto Ennia

Porto Ennia is a little village north of Vromopousi. It has two small bays, both with a captivating atmosphere. Due to their picturesque location, many people visit these beaches. They are protected, quiet bays where it is easy to spend a whole day swimming and relaxing!

Daskalio Beach

We are still only 12 kilometres from Lavrion. The Daskalio beach is a fully equipped resort. You can rent sun loungers and sun umbrellas. There are restaurants along the coast. The seabed is shallow and sandy.

Khaki Thalassa Beach

This is a fully equipped beach! Besides the sun loungers, there are many activities to try. There are a tennis court, a beach volleyball court and a soccer field next to the beach. Restaurants and bars offer the best dishes for guests. The little ones can have fun in an awesome playground.

Coasts and bays in Lavrion: The best places south of the city

Heading south, we reach the Sounion National Park. You will find some exquisite beaches at the peak of the peninsula and on the east side. What are the best coasts and bays in Lavrion if you head south? Read on and we will show you!coast of Lavrion

South Lavrio Beach

This beach is south of Lavrion. It is a small beach close to the port, and the water is crystal clear. You could not find a better place for a quick morning swim!

Punta Zeza Beach

It is a Blue Flag-certified beach, the water is very clean. There is a children’s camp nearby, so you can always hear their happy little voices! The coast is embraced by beautiful trees, providing shade from the sun. It is nice spending a day on this golden sandy beach. The water deepens slowly, the seabed is sandy.

Posidonia Beach

Sports enthusiasts will love this place! There is a soccer field on one side, a basketball court on the other. The pebbly beach is packed on weekends. There are bathrooms and restaurants nearby.


You can see the most beautiful sunsets over the Aegean Sea here! The nearby Makronisos Island shines with gorgeous, colourful lights this time of day. The beach is covered in fine, golden brown sand, and the water is shallow, quiet. Restaurants and guesthouses surround the beach promenade.


The Vamvakousis beach is accessible from the mainland. There is a small local bakery on the way there, where you can buy cheese donuts and other delicacies. Would you like to drink a cappuccino on the go? Coffee, a gorgeous landscape, and a fabulous bay? You must see this beach!

Sounio Beach

From Vamvakousis to the next larger beach, there are many romantic, wild beaches, only accessible by boat. If you can spot the Temple of Poseidon, you are in the right place! There is a gorgeous beach on the coast under the temple. It is fully equipped. Music is coming from the tavernas, there is an ancient temple above you, and the roar of the sea just completes the experience! Be sure to check this beach out!

Legrena Beach

Until you reach Legrena, the beaches are only accessible by boat. It is worth to go sailing in this area. If you reach the beach, drop anchor and lie down on the golden sand. Only a few people visit this place, mostly sailors and locals.

In this article, we have shown you the 16 best beaches in Lavrion. You can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life under the glittering sun of the Aegean Sea, surrounded by ancient ruins. Do not hesitate, choose the Attic Peninsula this summer!