The island of Kos is a real gem on the Aegean Sea. Awe-inspiring bays, verdant mountain slopes and ancient wonders await visitors. The water is pristine and it sparkles in all different shades of blue. The sea boasts rich marine life and the land is also populated by rare animal species. If you’d like to take a dip in the most splendid bays, join us and we’ll show you the best beaches in Kos!beaches in Kos

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The best beaches in Kos: refreshing experiences around the island

The long coastline is mostly covered in sand and hosts the most picture-perfect beaches. In the following paragraphs, we’re going to introduce some of the best beaches if you like the classic cocktail & sun lounger combination.

Beaches in Kos

In Kos Town on the coastline north to the port, there are beaches stretching for kilometres. In fact, they are not separated from each other, they don’t even have separate names. The sands stretch right to the north-eastern tip of the island. multi-hued parasols, sun loungers and palm-frond huts ensure the comfort of visitors, whereas the seafront promenade is lined with superb restaurants and bars. The beach is equipped with toilets and a lifeguard station. You can rent paddle boats and buy various inflatable toys in the boutiques. The beach is also a perfect choice for families with small children as it is sandy and gently sloping.

Zuoroudi Beach

Zuoroudi Beach stretches along the beach-fringed coastline, close to the port. It’s a very popular, true cosmopolitan place with great vibes and music playing in the bars. You can spend a really busy day here. If you love being amongst people, the forever buzzing Zuoroudi Beach is a perfect spot for you!

Tigaki Beach

Tigaki Beach receives the Blue Flag every year for its pristine warm and shallow waters. Comfortable sun loungers await you and you can order some fantastic cocktails from the beach bar too!
Also, prepare yourself the famously awe-inspiring sunsets on this part of the coastline!

Mastichari Beach

Practically, the whole of the northern coastline, from Tigaki to Mastichari is a long, public beach that stretches for kilometres, lined with shallow waters where you can take a dip at any time. However, if you are looking for an ’even more beachy’ experience, choose Mastichari. A beach with complete infrastructure, where you can also try surfing, as well as bars and parasols.coast of Kos

Kohilari Beach

We’re still wandering on the northern coastline. A bit off the beaten track lies Kohilari Beach, a real surfers’ paradise. There are no bars or sun loungers here, nothing but the pristine Aegean Sea awaiting surfers. Windsurf is also quite popular here and you can even rent dragon boats!

Kefalos Beach

Kefalos is nestled in a stunning bay on the southern part of Kos and its splendid long beach is completely developed. There’s a fantastic view of Gyali and Nyssiros islands and the coast is lined with hotels and bars with swimming pools. It’s a well looked after the beach and owing to its great size it’s never overcrowded.

Kardamena Beach

The beach comprises of fine sand and gravel. The surrounding trees and sand dunes offer pleasant shade and you can also rent sun loungers. Compared to its popularity, the surroundings are very clean and organised. It’s a gently sloping beach with shallow waters, thus making it a perfect destination for families travelling with small children. Of course, there are several restaurants around, so you don’t need to worry about lunch either.

Agios Fokas Beach

Agios Fokas is a village on the southern part of the island.
Hotels, bars with pools and an infrastructure fulfiling all desires await visitors. Its beach is sandy and pebbly, an easy terrain with gentle to moderate waves.There is also a natural hot spring by the beach that flows into a natural pool. The water temperature is around 40°C and owing to its healing properties, it’s highly popular.Coasts and islands in Kos

Coasts and bays in Kos: hidden beaches in the heart of nature

You have already seen the famous beaches, but let’s just see another list! If you prefer the quieter, more secluded places, don’t worry! The following bays are mostly only accessible by boat.
In these paragraphs, you can read about the best coasts and bays if you seeking serenity!


The settlements on the west of Kos Island are less densely populated. Limionas Beach is one of the last developed beaches, after which there’re only natural ones. However, you can already feel the peace and quiet taking over on Limonas Beach. It’s a tiny, really clean beach and the water has a rather green than blue tint to it.

The Mia River estuary

Following the coast to the north-west of Limionas, approximately 2 km, you’ll find the estuary of the Mia River. It’s a rather small river, but the bay is absolutely magical. It’s somewhat challenging to access it on land. Moor up and have a refreshing dip! Wander further up along the river and explore its banks!

Bay Capo Coni

There is a marvellous beach just by the Capo Coni cliff. The beach is framed with cliffs, therefore, it isn’t accessible on land. Its tiny seabed is sandy and the waters are really shallow; it’s like having your own pool encircled by the dazzling waters of the sea!beaches in Kos

Quiet Beach

Quiet Beach is situated on the western side of the island. The name is a tell-tale, as the beach is, indeed, a tranquil, quiet spot. On land, you can access it by a tiny dirt road that doesn’t seem to allure many visitors. Moor up near the sandy beach and enjoy the solitude! There’s also a tiny chapel standing on the beach, adding to the unique atmosphere.

Tripiti Beach

The beach is sandy, dappled with smaller reefs. It’s definitely worth snorkelling here, as you can enjoy the colourful, rich marine life amongst the underwater rocks. Here, there is a car park, as well as a few sun loungers and a seasonal beach restaurant.

Kavo Paradiso Beach

Heading to the south from Tripiti Beach, alongside the coast, there’re several more swimming spots. The next designated beach is Kavo Paradiso. It’s mostly a scene of family or bigger friend group gatherings, solo travellers rarely visit this beach.

Our article has listed the best beaches in Kos. The coast is lined with innumerable beaches and bays, it won’t be easy to choose a favourite.
Get aboard and explore these heavenly beaches ine by one!