The beaches in Ciutadella and in its surroundings are fairly beautiful. There are rocky romantic beaches, but you will also find classic sandy plages. One common thing in all: the sparkling blueness of the sea and its brilliant purity. It is like you are looking at another, untouched wildlife through a glass. You can be part of this wonderful unit on the island of Menorca. In the following description, we represent you the best beaches in Ciutadella!beaches in Ciutadella
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Best beaches in Ciutadella: 3 places where you must have a bath!

There are places in the world that everyone should see at least once in life. If this place is a beach on the Mediterranean island, it is even true! The forces of nature carved such wonderful bays on this landscape that it is almost impossible to tell. The sight cannot be compared to anything. Let’s see the 5 best beaches in Ciutadella that you can’t miss!

Cala Santandria

If you are visiting Ciutadella, be sure to visit this beach! It’s narrow rocky bay with a fine sandy shore. Its turquoise water shines in more tones. Cosy umbrellas and sunbeds stand side by side for your comfortable relax. The offers of the restaurant and the bar have authentic specialities of Menorca. Order a tuna steak or a lobster soup and drink local craft beer!

Cala en Bosch

Cala en Bosch is only 9 kilometres from Ciutadella on the south side of the island. Besides the combination of the classic sand-parasol-restaurant, active relaxation plays the main role here! You can surf or dive if you like. You can rent a kayak and explore the small bays and small caves along the coast. If you still need excitement, there is also a paintball court close to the beach!

Cala Morell

In the northwest of Menorca, about 20 kilometres from Ciutadella, you will find Cala Morell. The beach is very small, but the more charming! The gendarme water of the bay is very fresh and clean. There is a “chiringuito” or beach bar on the cliff next to the beach. The fresh catch determines the daily offer, whether it is lobster, tuna or octopus.beaches in Ciutadella

Coasts and bays in Ciutadella: Places, where only yachts take you

Menorca is characterized by rocky, widely divided coastlines. Streams and periodic rivers have shaped the surface for many millennia. There are countless small bays you might not realize from the mainland. The rocky shore can also be a hinder of bathing, as it is very steep in some places. In the sequel, you can read about the beautiful formations that really provide a pleasant experience from the sea.

Na Bony bay

A beautiful bay is located a few kilometres north of Ciutadella. There is no road leading there on the mainland. Its coast is a steep rock wall, so it can only be accessed from the water. The water here is shallow and quiet, excellent for swimming. Anchor here for a while and enjoy the silence! It is also worth diving, as the rocks on the edge of the sandy bay are full of life and buzzing!

Cala Fustam

On the southwest side of Menorca situates the beach of Cala Fustam in a nature reserve. Nature has created a real miracle in this bay. A bushy forest has grown into the shore, so this hidden corner is full of birdsong. You can only reach it afoot from the mainland, so the sailors are more likely to take possession of it. Get lost for a while in one of the island’s most beautiful seaside shelters!

Cala Parejals

There is a small beach near Son Xoriguer where nobody goes. It is not used as a beach because of its rocky coastline, though the water is shallow and sandy on the seabed. It’s a hidden cosy little bay, where only one yacht stops, while passengers dive in the fresh water.

Cala des Talaier

This is the bay you know from the movies! The water is quite bright because of the white sand. It is a narrow, rarely visited beach, a paradise for sailors. It is situated 4 kilometres from Cala Galdana to the west. On the shore, there are pine trees and white cliffs. The time spent here is a real natural experience!bay in Ciutadella

More beaches near Ciutadella: Explore the western part of the island!

You can find fantastic beaches a bit further from Ciutadella. There are no great distances here, as the other end of the island is only 50 kilometres away. Here are some of the best beaches near Ciutadella!

Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana Beach is set in a shell-shaped bay on the southwest coast of Menorca. You can swim near the nearly 500 metres soft, sandy beach. It is usually full of life; this is one of the most frequented bathing sites on the island. In spite of the frequent attendance, the water is wonderfully fair. Cala Galdana is also a popular resort, with hotels, restaurants, and bars on the beach. The beach is fully equipped. You can rent bikes and canoes. There are two dazzling bays in both directions, 1-1 kilometres away. Cala Mitjana and Cala Macarella are natural beaches within walking distance or accessible from the water. Go along all three, because beaches with this beauty are not visible every day!

Sant Tomas

About 20 kilometres from Ciutadella, San Tomas situates on the south side of the island. It has two beaches. Both are long, white sandy, family-friendly bathing areas. Mediterranean restaurants, bars, and shops are bordering the coast. With the atmosphere of a typical resort, it has gained the pleasure of vacationers.

Cala Algaiarens

This natural beach is already in the national park. There is no particular infrastructure, but if you are there, you won’t miss it. This beautiful rocky bay is one of the most protected bathing areas on the northern coast. There are many visitors in the high season, but this doesn’t make the fantastic experience worse. In the summer there is also a toilet and a life-saving station on the beach. There’s no buffet, but don’ be surprised if a local merchant comes up offering fresh fruits from his wheelbarrow. Here it is an established custom and let’s be honest that a fresh pineapple or a bowl of strawberry can do you good in the heat.

In this article, we have collected the best beaches in Ciutadella. We have listed non-exhaustive, as hundreds of tiny bays border the shores. The island of Menorca seems to be created by nature finding pleasure in it. So now the unlimited beauty and peace fill the souls of the visitors. If you want to see a truly exotic and strange world, you don’t have to travel to the tropics. This year’s destination for you is Ciutadella!