The Caribbean region reminds everyone of the picturesque palm trees, crystal clear water and snow-white sand. It’s true that the region is rich in wonderful sights. Dozens of beaches can be found in the Caribbean, so we should plan which ones to include in our trip. Let’s see the best beaches in the Caribbean!beaches in the Caribbean

The best beaches in the Caribbean

Crane Beach

The beach, which is located in Barbados, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches all across the world. The beach is a popular destination for a honeymoon; it’s an ideal environment to celebrate the occasion. Visitors should expect large waves, coral-coloured sand and pleasant waters. The beach can be accessed on a staircase, so it’s more difficult for a person in a wheelchair or for families with a stroller to get there. You can find The Crane here; it’s the oldest hotel in Barbados.

Half Moon Bay – Antigua

There are 365 beaches in the island of Antigua, so locals may even try a different one on each day of the year. The island, which lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is characterised by white sand. One of the finest beaches here is Half Moon Bay, lying 1.5 kilometres long on the southeastern side. The coral reefs make it an attractive place for divers, while fans of watersports will love the waves. Freetown is the nearest town that can be accessed by car in a few minutes.

Trunk Bay – Saint John Island

Trunk Bay can be found in a national park on one of the American Virgin Islands, Saint John. Many think that this part of the archipelago provides the best beaches worldwide. So it’s no surprise that it’s a popular destination for sailors. Scuba divers really like the area because of the beautiful coral reef along the shores.

The Bath – British Virgin Islands

The Bath has become well-known for its unique look, which is a real gem of the British Virgin Islands. The shiny beach is surrounded by giant granite formations, constituting channels and caves. Interestingly, at high tide, these might be completely flooded with water, creating a strange secret world.

Orient Beach – Saint Martin

Orient Beach is the most beautiful beach on the island St. Martin. This shore segment of almost 1 kilometre is recommended for those who love the buzz. There are many bars and restaurants here. It’s worth visiting one of them. You can experience the mixture of French and the local cuisine, but if you prefer a nice burger, you will find one at one of the vendors. The “Caribbean French Riviera” is divided into two parts. On the northern shores, you should wear your swimsuit, but the southern parts are for nudists.Coasts and islands in the Caribbean

Grand Anse – Grenada

Grenada – known for the spice – is home to several beaches in the Caribbean. One of the most popular is the Grand Anse, lying 3 kilometres along the western shores. The beach is a popular tourist destination. This is proven by the fact that they have built many hotels and mansions around it. Visitors also like it because it’s well-protected from winds and strong waves.

Grace Bay – Providenciales

Silky sand, lukewarm waters and spectacular sights await those who visit one of the most famous places on the Turks and Caicos Islands – Providenciales. The 8-kilometre-long Grace Bay is a perfect spot for scuba diving and swimming, and we can see turtles and beautiful corals here as well. As it is beautiful and impelling, luxury is also present on Providenciales. You can see gleaming hotels along the shores.

Seven Mile Beach – Cayman Islands

The beach on the Grand Cayman has an authentic Caribbean atmosphere with its wonderful waters and shores. Despite its name, the shore segment is in fact 6 kilometres long. The northern part is more peaceful and calm; here you can relax with your thoughts. Of course, tourism is significant here: a string of hotels separate the beach from the city, which has dozens of shops, bars and restaurants to offer.

Flamenco Beach – Puerto Rico

Culebra is on the eastern part of Puerto Rico. It’s a very popular beach in the Caribbean among American tourists. Flamenco Beach is a protected area, as it’s a marine nature reserve. The beach here is almost one kilometre long, and it’s covered by snow-white sand.

Les Salines – Martinique

Les Salines is a beach surrounded by palm trees on Martinique. It’s practically empty on weekdays, but it becomes crowded with people at the weekend, as locals also love it. Thanks to the shade provided by the palm trees, the place is ideal for families.bay in the Caribbean

Coasts and bays in the Caribbean with extras

Maho Beach – Saint Martin

If you would like to visit a truly special beach in the Caribbean, you must see Maho Beach. The shore segment, which can be found on Saint Martin island, is unique, as it’s located next to the Princess Juliana National Airport. As the runway is fairly short, planes fly extremely close to the land, so the spot is fascinating for tourists. It might not be the most peaceful place, but it’s definitely worth visiting!

Pink Sand Beach – Bahamas

Pink Sand Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Harbour Island, belongs to the Bahamas. It got its name from the colour of its sand, which is pink due to the tiny smashed pieces of pink shells. The beach is 5 kilometres long and provides a great opportunity to go scuba diving, sailing, kayaking or swimming.beaches in the Caribbean

The Caribbean region is full of interesting and exciting beaches and shore segments. You’ll be amazed by the white sand, the gleaming sea and the green palms here, not to mention the several sports and entertainment opportunities provided. All in all, it is the perfect destination for those who want to relax and enjoy rocking on the sea.