You can find amazing beaches in the city and nearby – especially in Villasimius. Most of them have crystal clear water and white sand. The best beaches around Cagliari? If you are looking for pleasant recreation, we recommend the following places.beaches in Cagliari

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

The best beaches in Cagliari

Poetto Beach

The main beach of Cagliari faces the Gulf of Angels, in the southern part of the island of Sardinia. Due to its great size, it is rarely crowded – mostly in August and on the summer weekends. It is an ideal place for sailing – there are scuba diving centres and surf schools on the shores. The buzzing nightlife attracts a lot of tourists. You can enjoy live music from July to September, and there are great discos as well. The most popular clubs are Il Lido, Plan B, Sax Beach and Frontemare.

Calamosca Beach

You can find this town on the southern part of Cagliari, along with the main docking site. It has a small but beautiful island, which is ideal for those looking for calm and relaxation. The pleasantly warm and crystal clear water is perfect for swimming. The area surrounding the beach has a rocky shore segment: you can find the Torre di Calamosca and the Torre del Poetto here.

Coasts and bays around Cagliari: Picturesque beauty

Cala Regina Beach (Cagliari)

This wonderful gulf is surrounded by rich green flora. The Cala Regina tower is located here. The area, protected by the western wind, is especially ideal if the Mistral gets too strong. The beach is covered with rocks.

Priscina Rei Beach(Costa Rei)

This amazing public beach has sandy shores. Its great advantage is that it is not crowded even during the main season. You can choose from several great services. Do you want to have fun? There are open-air cinemas and nightclubs in Costa Rei.Coasts and islands in Cagliari

More beaches around Cagliari

There are other beautiful islands in Villasimius nearby. Get to know the most beautiful ones!

Spiaggia del Riso

The crystalline, clean water is gradually deepening. The sandy beach has rice-like tiny pebbles; that is where the name comes from. This is what makes the beach unique and very special. There is a restaurant in the town where you can try both the best traditional and local dishes.

Punta Molentis Beach

The crystal clear water has a colour of azure and turquoise blue. The beach of Villasimius has fine white sand. Due to its shape, the beach is protected well from the wind. There is a bar, and you can rent a boat. You should also visit the prenuraghic remains of the Punta Molentis on the hill behind the beach.

Timi Ama Beach

The beach is ideal for families with small children that can spend a pleasant day here. It is well-equipped – there are sunshades and restaurants as well. Thanks to the shallow water, we can admire the beautiful fish without having to dive underwater. There are several restaurants and pizzerias in Villasimius. Are you looking for the buzzing nightlife? Then you should visit in July or August.coast of Cagliari

Porto Giunco Beach

The place is characterised by sand that has a colour of pink and white; the water is turquoise in colour. We can rent a sunshade, a lounger or a pavilion with a hammock. Expect big crowds during the main season. There are plenty of great bars and cafés to choose from. If you visit the place, you can even see flamingos in the lagoon nearby.

Cagliari and its neighbourhood have wonderful beaches. There are both popular and more peaceful shore segments so that everyone can find the best spot for themselves. Choose one of the beaches presented in the article, and enjoy the unique beauty of nature.