There are millions of attractions in the Greek capital. In addition to historical sites, countless entertainment venues make the city both modern and romantic. You can see just as many crowded streets, squares and colourful shop windows as small, narrow alleyways. Aside from being very diverse, Athens boasts spectacular beaches as well. Upon leaving the city centre behind we will find bigger and more beautiful beaches.beaches in Athens

The article gives you an overview of the following topics:

The best beaches in Athens: Beaches close to the city centre

Athens Riviera

The 20 kilometres long coastal area, the Athens Riviera is the best-known part of the city. First of all, it lies less than 18 kilometres from the city centre. Here we can find picturesque sandy beaches, beautiful seaside resorts and restaurants offering a breathtaking view. It is one of the best beaches in Athens. Secondly, the boutiques, fine restaurants and busy cafés attract people from all over the world. In addition, there are several gorgeous beaches along the Saronic Gulf. You can find sandy and pebble beaches as well in this 20 kilometres long area. If you prefer water sports or you just want to be sunbathing in the sand, you can do anything here.

One of the best beaches – Edem Riviera Beach

It’s a perfect place for tourists who just want to have a quick beach break between visiting two monuments. There are sun loungers and beach umbrellas available at the beach for relaxing and sunbathing. After swimming we can try the local delicacies in one of the Greek tavernas.

Bolivar Beach

This coastal area is one of Athens’ most popular tourist destinations. The beach is only a few kilometres away from the city centre. The exotic landscape and the sea, shimmering in all shades of blue, make this place the best beach of Athens. The long, sandy beach, shaded by palm trees turns your stay into an exotic holiday. After a day on the beach. we can admire the sunset from a restaurant. Alongside the lavish meals, we can try the tasty cocktails, listen to the local music and enjoy the hot, Greek nights.beaches in Athens

Coasts and bays in Athens: The most famous coasts

Costa del Sol – Alimos

Alimos is located only 10 kilometres from the city centre. It is one of the best beaches in Athens. If we visit Athens, we must spend a day there at least. Among the many beaches, the Costa del Sol is the one we would like to highlight. It is the perfect place for swimming and sunbathing on any day of the week. The vast coastline is full of beach umbrellas and sun lounges, therefore, we will have a place to sit even if we arrive in the afternoon. The beach is fully equipped, you can find showers, changing rooms and a medical centre there as well.

This beach has something to offer for all ages. It is also a perfect location for families, many inflatable toys are waiting for the kids on the beach. Furthermore, sports lovers can also find what they need here. You can play beach volleyball, go horseback riding, or even go diving. At the beach bars, you can try some delicious cocktails, also, you can sate your appetite with a tasty meal in one of the buffets.

Grand Beach Lagonissi

The breathtaking Lagonissi peninsula lies between Athens and Sounio. It is the best equipped, therefore, the most modern beach in this area. After buying your member card to the beach, the place will fascinate you. The azure blue sea will capture you, and beside the white sand and beautiful beach umbrellas, this coastline has a swimming pool as well.

Upon arrival, you get your own sun lounge where the waiters deliver your drinks and snacks. There is a waiter buzzer button on the sun lounge beds, so we can call the waiter without having to stand in line for our drinks. This way the waiter comes to you to take your order, and only a few minutes later we can drink our ice-cold cocktail under the shade of our beach umbrellas. The ticket prices include the use of the swimming pool. If we don’t want to swim in the sea anymore, we can just hop into the pool and enjoy the view from there.

Grand Beach Lagonissi – What makes this place unique?

We can enjoy the sight of the sea, glittering in all shades of blue, or the sunset from the swimming pool. This is the perfect place for sports lovers since the Grand Beach Lagonissi has a beach volleyball court and a football field as well. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It is one of the best beaches in Athens.

The changing rooms are air-conditioned, and in the showers, you can dry your hair, too. Relaxing music is filling the air when you’re in the changing room or having a shower. The seaside restaurants offer fantastic meals and we can enjoy live music during dinner. We can spend a magical day with our family here.

Erotospilia (Porto Rafti)

It is a beautiful beach, and it is one of the most popular destinations among Athenians, too. Erotospilia is a small bay just outside of Porto Rafti. Most importantly, it is sheltered from the wind and there are many trees along the beach we can sit under if we want to avoid direct sunlight. The cosy beach kiosks offer a variety of delicious meals and drinks. Erotospilia is a smaller beach, perfect for relaxation. It is best to visit Erotospilia in the preseason or off-season to avoid the crowd. This way we can listen to the sea roaring and birds chirping.Coasts and islands in Athens

Psatha – Alepochori

This magical place is located near Alepochori, a one and a half hour journey from Athens. It is one of the best beaches in Athens. If we choose to visit this beach, we should make a day of it because it takes a little longer to get there. The remarkable beauty of the picturesque landscape will surely compensate us for every minute of the travel. Thick pine forest and enormous cliffs surround the pebble-covered bay. We can always admire the marine life through the crystal clear water. The locals say that the seaside buffets offer the best seafood. It is interesting to know that these restaurants are open in winter and offer delicious meals to those who visit them.

Sesi – Grammatico

The crystal clear water, the tiny pebbles and the tamarisk shrubs by the water you will love this little beach. It is one of the best beaches in Athens. You can find all kinds of treasures in the shrubs and under the pebbles, but we can always lie down on our sunbed and read our favourite book.

Astri Beach

First of all, it is the best-organised beach on the Attica peninsula, and certainly one of the best beaches in Athens. Astri Beach is only 30 minutes from the city centre of Athens. It is located in the famous Athens Riviera, in Vouliagmeni. Furthermore, you can find the beach here where Athina Onassis and Brigitte Bardot swam once. Celebrities come here from all over the world because this beach offers the best services. The shore is sandy, and there are no stones in the water that could hurt your feet. The blueness of the water is unbelievably beautiful, also, the sunsets are astonishing. Above all, they say that this beach is just as friendly as the Greek summer!

Beaches in Glyfada

There are five beaches in Glyfada. The area spreads from the Olympic Games facilities to the Astir Beach. If we want to refresh ourselves with a quick beach break, this is the best choice. Above all, the beach covers a large area, therefore we can find a quiet spot even if the coast is crowded. The beach has benches, showers, lockers and many sun lounges.

In conclusion, Athens is one of the most diverse cities in Europe. In addition to its history and marvellous architecture, there are many beaches waiting for us here. Moreover, if you need a quick beach break between visiting two monuments, or a whole day of family fun, you can find what you’re looking for. We can go to the beach to read a book and drink a delicious cocktail, or we can play sports, maybe try the local delicacies. Therefore, here everyone can find the best beach for them.