Costa Smeralda is 55 km long in the north-east part of the island, between Olbia and Palau. Sailing near to Costa Smeralda’s coastline, the crystal clear the Tyrrhenian Sea reveals to us. Wherever you look, the only thing you can see is azure blue water. A fine, sandy beach awaits your arrival to the paradise.
beaches in Costa Smeralda
Our article introduces you to the following beaches in Costa Smeralda:

Beaches in Costa Smeralda: Pevero beach

If we steered our boat in the northern direction, we can discover Pevero’s beautiful, sandy beach on the island. The shore is hemmed by the surrounding hills. Of course, if we want a little more relaxation, we can find another seashore in the distance, where we can hear less of the bustling life.

Principe beach

Prince Karim aga Khan should be thanked for the way Costa Smeralda look today. His plan was to create a recreational paradise in this picturesque landscape. Now it’s safe to say: he achieved his goal! The Principe Beach got its name in honor of him. The sight of the waterfront is dazzling, thanks to the rippling sea. This place can be inviting for those, who like the less crowded beaches. In this area, emerald green water and untouched nature await those who want to swim.
The shore is alternately sandy and rocky, thanks to the fact that the shore is on the eastern side of the island. The beach is calm, so it is no wonder that tourists and locals often come back here to relax.

Beaches in Costa Smeralda: Romazzino

The beach is unique compared to other beaches. This is due to the fact, that it’s exceptionally protected from the wind and the shallow waters. For this reason, Romazziono is an ideal place for families with small children. Beautiful Mediterranean environment welcomes the visitors, long piers stretching into the sea embellish the sight. Of course, this place has clear water too, it is very popular in the main season.

beaches in Romazzino

La Celvia beach

Sailing southwards, we can see a small peninsula, and we should discover the west coastline for ourselves. On the beach, you can try different local dishes, or rent sunbeds and umbrellas. If in the high temperature the water is not enough to cool you down, then you can relax in one of the bars with a variety of cold drinks.

Beaches in Costa Smeralda: Capriccioli beach

After a few minutes of sailing, we can see the dreamy coastline of Capriccioli, which is eastward from La Celvia. It is surrounded by rocks and plants. Nearby, there are hotels, restaurants, and golf courses, so those who are not attracted to the beach, can walk into the inner part of the island and occupy themselves.
The azure water has a pleasant temperature, and it lures people to come here. It is a peaceful coastline, with picturesque scenery, islands, and boats in the distance.

Liscia Ruja

This place is known as “one of Costa Smeralda’s best beaches”. It is one of the longest beaches in Sardinia, the coastline is between Portisco and Cala di Volpe. Thanks to this, it is perfect for long, romantic walks, especially in the springtime. In the distance, you can see the islands of Soffi and Mortorio. This fine-grained sandy beach is very popular.

Coasts and bays in Costa Smeralda: Piccolo Pevero seashore

The popular swimming area is just 3 km away from Porto Cervo. White, fine sandy beach, emerald waters are luring the visitors. The 420-meter long beach can be divided into two parts. The larger (300 meters) is Grande Pevero, while the smaller (120 meters) is Piccolo Pevero. The coast is surrounded by Mediterranean plants, large stones, and rocks. In the distance, the wonderful island of Li Nibani can be seen. You can see the bottom of the sea if you look down into the water. Not only because the water is shallow, but also because it is very clean! Due to its depth, it is also ideal for children.coasts in Costa Smeralda

Spiaggia Bianca

This is a sandy and rocky beach, which is a bit away from bustling life. Of course, nearby you can find bars, restaurants. They offer various delicacies for the guest who got hungry from swimming. The sparkling, azure blue sea, which is surrounded by mountains and plants, is not an everyday sight. The beach has fine sand. Here we can find raw, untouched nature. Neither civilization nor mass tourism affected it.

Beaches in Costa Smeralda: The beaches of La Maddalena

These are one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. There are many small bays on the island, so it is worth sailing in this direction. There is a possibility to go on a round trip so you can discover the whole area. Whichever beach we choose, it will surely be an unforgettable experience.Bay in La Maddalena

Coast and bays of Costa Smeralda are well known worldwide

With its pleasant Mediterranean climate and varied long coastline, this place offers an infinite number of beautiful places. Smeralda has many hidden bathing sites. There are quiet, less visited beaches and there are also places where you can enjoy yourself. If you want passive relaxation, you can go to different bars and restaurants a bit further away from the beach. It is worthwhile because the local gastronomy is colourful and very tasty! If you are looking for an active vacation, you do not have to go far! You can rent a canoe, pedal boats or jet skiing as well.

Costa Smeralda is the best choice if besides swimming at the beach you like spending time at nature too. Here, everyone can find the beach that suits them best. Whether it is about families with young children, romantic couples, younger people who want to party, or a larger group of friends. The beaches of Costa Smeralda provide ideal recreation for everyone.