Turquoise beaches, soft sand, and coral reefs? In Rhodes, everything is about summer and relaxation. The island’s climate is perfect for the best holidays. The sea is lukewarm and the water is incredibly clear. Leave the worries of life behind you and relax! In the following, we will show which are the 30 best beaches in Rhodes!beaches in Rhodes

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Best beaches in Rhodes: Coasts which guarantee good mood!

In Rhodes, you will find several well-equipped beaches where all the entertainment possibilities are provided. If you like classic bathing with cocktails and umbrellas, then our next compilation is for you. Elegant spas, clubs and great restaurants await you. Best beaches in Rhodes? Read on and we’ll show you!

Elli Beach

Within a few minutes’ walks from the downtown of Rhodes, you will find Elli Beach. The coast around the Institute of Marine Biology meets all needs. It lies at the peak of the island; a wide sandy plague runs up to the water. Sunbeds and umbrellas are lined up as far as the eye can reach. The best clubs and taverns surround the beach. Sports fields, poolside bars, and many water sports are available. The beach and the water of Ellie Beach are famous along with its popularity. The slow-moving coastline attracts many families with young children. The casino and Turkish Bazaar are also nearby.

Akti Miaouli Beach

It is the continuation of Ellie Beach on the northern coast of the island. It is a little narrower and less people-visited than its neighbours. You can also find showers and restaurants. Here you can rent a parasol. Moreover, surfing lovers often visit this beach.coast of Rhodes

Ixia Beach

Ixia is 5 kilometres from the capital, on the northwest coast. It is a long, sandy beach. Luxury hotels line up on the beach where you can use the hotel pools for consumption. Its tourist traffic is quite large; its cosmopolitan atmosphere is unique. Windsurfing and kite are very popular here. The surfers also hold large meetings. Don’t count on built-in infrastructure here; you can only book modern rooms in neighbouring hotels.

Ialyssos Bay Beach

It is a fully-equipped beach where you can enjoy water sports. The coast is covered with tiny pebbles and the water slowly deepens. Here you will find the best beachside cafés as well. The view from the bay is also very beautiful. In clear weather, you can see the shores of Asia Minor.


Kamiros Beach offers many things to do. Its water is crystal clear, its coast covered with golden sand. Umbrellas and sun loungers are provided for the guests ‘comfort. Historical monuments are also interesting, and a 2000-year-old monastery was discovered nearby. From this bay, you can easily explore the nearby islands. After swimming visit Chalki or Alimia!

Genadi Beach

This is one of the friendliest beaches on the southern coast. Mostly locals visit it, there are only a few tourists. The atmosphere is very family-friendly. The panorama is wonderful. It is well-equipped with swimming pools, bars and taverns. Definitely taste the seafood here!

Makris Tichos

Makris Tichos is located 50 kilometres from Rhodes Town near Lindos. It is a real resort town. The beach is well-built, family-friendly. All services are available nearby. There is also a restaurant, castle, medical office, hotels and entertainment facilities.


Lie down in the shade of the Lindos Acropolis! The city is surrounded by 3 beaches; all of them are modern, built-up resorts. It has rocky and sandy beaches. The water is typically shallow, making it ideal for travellers with small children. Showers, restaurants, poolside bars, and a great atmosphere await you! This is probably one of the best beaches in Rhodes!beaches in Rhodes


It’s emerald green water shimmers like a dream in the sparkling sunshine. The magnificent sandy beach has three large seasonal buffets and many parasols! It is a popular beach, many tourists visit it in the summer. The water is surprisingly shallow, making it one of the most child-friendly beaches.

Haraki Beach

Haraki Beach is located northeast of Lindos. On the sandy beach, there are colourful parasols and sun loungers. Nearby you will find the picturesque village of Archangelos and the fortress of Feraklos, which was the base of pirates before. There are rocky areas along the coast and caves. It is perfect for snorkelling; so go and explore the underwater fairy tale world!

Tsambika Beach

Many people consider it as one of the best beaches! Even in high season, it is quiet. Its wide, sandy beach is perfect for all-day play. You will find everything near the beach. There is also a restaurant, a bar, and nightclubs. Beautiful mountains are in the surroundings, you will hardly notice that you are not in the wild.

Anthony Quinn Bay

The locals named the bay for their much-loved Anthony Quinn. The famous actor received the honorary Greek nationality for the role of Zorba. The bay also served as a venue for other popular films. According to these facts, it is clear that it is a beautiful beach. Despite its popularity, it is a quiet, secluded beach. It is characterized by a colourful diversity of sand, gravel, and rock. Some have parasols and a small beach bar. Cool in the shade of huge Mediterranean pines.


The city is famous for its spa sources. The previously built thermal baths no longer exist. The magnificent mosaic floors and pools still offer stunning views. The baths today have restaurants and you can dip in the pools, but they are no longer filled with thermal water. The beach is huge and very well equipped. Hotels, restaurants, and shops surround the coast.


This beach is located on one of the most beautiful parts of the island. Just a few kilometres from the seven springs, you can combine a super trip with a refreshing splash. The area has gone through a surprising development in recent years. There are numerous apartments and hotels lining on the beach. Furthermore, the restaurants are simple but great!

Pefki Beach

And in the end, come to a truly international beach! Shop on the Pefki coast offering a variety of sophisticated goods. The range of restaurants could compete with the most elegant restaurants. Its modern infrastructure is attractive for holidaymakers.Coasts and islands in Rhodes

Coasts and bays in Rhodes: The most beautiful natural beaches

In Rhodes, you will find not only modern, equipped beaches, but also many secluded bays. You can spend the day in a romantic atmosphere in complete isolation. If that’s what you want, then we can help! In this section below we will show you the best coasts and bays in Rhodes if you love solitude!

Paradisi Beach

Paradisi Beach is 15 miles from Rhodes. Although it is close to the city, few people visit it. You have no facilities; you can find restaurants within a short distance. The coast is pebbles and very spacious.


This is the most interesting beach in Greece. In the southwestern part of the island, a small narrow sand-bank connects a peninsula with the mainland. Thus, the beach is practically open from one side to the other. Soft sand and crystal clear water await bathers. It is worth diving around the peninsula because of its rich marine life.coast of Rhodes


Fournou is a true untouched romantic bay. It is possible to get there on foot, but the rocky shore is a major obstacle. This is a perfect romantic corner where no one will disturb you. Visit it from the sea and believe me, it will be a lifetime experience!

Red Sand Beach

You can only reach it from the water. This is the most beautiful bay on the south-east coast. Its reddish rocks and sand of the same colour make it unique. The blue sea is clean and fresh. Be sure to visit this beach as you will only have this experience once in your life!


This beach is the jewel box on the southwest coast. Amazing rocks and ruins surround it. The nearest village is also a few kilometres away, so few visitors are there. The coast is pebbled and the water is calm and quiet.

Noname wonders on the West

Going southwest of Kopria Beach you will find numerous barren coves. From 10 km here you will find a sandy beach with a footpath to the medieval castle of Amartos. It is worth a visit because the fortified fortress offers a spectacular view. If you continue sailing here, you will see Mount Attavyros. The bays do not have a specific name, but as you sail southwest they come to your eyes in great numbers. Most are bordered by a rock face from the mainland, so the only visitors will be you and your yacht to the secluded beach. When you reach the end of the island, come around the western tip.

Sailing along the coast you will see a long bay that extends deep into the mainland. Stop here by all means! There are beautiful ruins right by the water. The remains of an ancient settlement that has been untouched by the sea for hundreds of years are also available. Continue along the shore and you will meet many similar tiny bays that are reachable from the water.

From the above summary, you can see that Rhodes is the perfect choice for everyone. Modern, equipped beaches and secluded natural bays vary on the island’s coastline. The water is clear everywhere, the wildlife is magical. Seek adventure and discover the best beaches in Rhodes!