The Santorini beaches are not the typical wide, sandy beaches. Rather, imagine wild coastlines, hiding under the shades of cliff walls, covered in volcanic rocks. Mostly black or red sandy beaches welcome tourists. However, they are well-equipped, with far better services than other Greek islands offer. In this article, you can read about the 16 most beautiful beaches in Santorini!beaches in Santorini

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Best beaches in Santorini: The most beautiful beaches of the south

Due to the volcanic origins of Santorini, the beaches are also shown great diversity. Rocks of different colours, black and red sand and caves make this coastline very exciting. The water is crystal clear. Most of the beaches have Blue Flag certification. The best beaches in Santorini? Read on and we will show you the best places!

White Beach

The pebbles are black here too, but the white cliffs sparkle in the sunlight. This is an untouched beach with no trace of civilization. You can only get here by boat. It is inaccessible from the mainland. There are no sun loungers or bathrooms. It is a very small beach, only 50 metres long.

Red Beach

The beaches in Santorini are colourful like a rainbow! Close to the beach mentioned earlier, the Red Beach is located on the south side of the island. Bright red and black cliffs stand on the beach covered in red sand. This is one of the most spectacular beaches as the harmony of the red cliffs and turquoise sea is truly remarkable. The beach is accessible from the mainland, but the terrain is somewhat difficult. It is full in the high season. If you do not like crowds, choose the small bay near the beach where fewer people go.

Black Beach

The Black Beach lies in the southwest corner of Santorini. The name originates from the ebony black pebbles. The long coastline is surrounded by white and black striped rock faces. It is a well-equipped, family-friendly place. Sun loungers, restaurants and beach umbrellas serve the comfort of tourists. There is a 50 metres long cave at the east corner of the beach, which is only accessible by boat. Swim inside the cave and admire the sunlight embracing its walls!coast of Santorini

Akrotiri Beach

If you have visited the ancient ruins, take a dip in the nearby beach! The coast is rocky, you cannot lie on the ground to sunbathe. There are sun loungers available for this purpose and you can rend a beach umbrella, too. The water deepens quickly but it is incredibly clean. You can go diving and swimming here. There are several restaurants near the beach, famous for their excellent seafood dishes.

Eros Beach

The Eros Beach lies between Akrotiri and Perissa. It is accessible by boat. Fewer tourists visit here than the beaches listed above, although it has a great bar. It is a multi-storey bar with the best services. Sun loungers, beach umbrellas, cocktails and a wonderful panorama welcome you at the Eros Beach. The beach is equipped with showers and it meets every need.

Agios Georgios Beach

Along the southern coast heading east, there is Agios Georgios. The road leading to the beach is a little better, but the easiest way to get there is by boat. The coastline is covered in black sand. The beach is long and wide. There are restaurants, beach umbrellas, bars available. It is recommended for families with small children because the water deepens slowly and the sea is quiet here. You can also try water sports on the beach.

Perivolos Beach

The Perivolos Beach is close to Perissa. Actually it is next to the beach of Perissa, but there are some differences between the two places. There are high-end restaurants and bars, many of them have private pools. The beach has Blue Flag certification for exceptional water quality. The sea deepens slowly so it is recommended for families with small children. Lifeguards protect tourists all year. You can take part in jet-ski trips if you love racing speed!

Perissa Beach

You will find this lively beach in the town of the same name. There are many restaurants, snack bars and pubs on the promenade. Shops offering luxury goods, jewellery and other goods are lined up along the shore. The water quality is outstanding in spite of the crowds visiting the beach. There is a vibrant nightlife, and in the afternoon you can only go around on foot on the promenade. You can participate in diving tours here.

Kamari Beach

Kamari is located on the southeast side of Santorini. It is one of the largest beaches in the island. Hundreds of sun loungers are lined up along the shore. At the foot of Mount Mesa Vouno is very popular among tourists. There are many restaurants, bars, shops and hotels on the promenade. The ancient city of Thera is also nearby. Kitesurf and windsurf are very popular around here.

Cardela Beach

The Cardela Beach, also known as Bella Bay, is the most beautiful beach in the western arch of the island. Here the untouched, unspoiled nature awaits you. There is no infrastructure, thus the beach is not crowded. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, this place is definitely worth visiting! The beach is covered in black sand. At the eastern end there is a huge rock reaching for the skies that swimmers often try to conquer.Coasts and islands in Santorini

Coasts and bays in Santorini: The best northern beaches

The northern areas of Santorini also hide some gorgeous beaches. There are undisturbed, wild bays and beaches offering modern services, too. If you want to know which are the best coasts and bays in Santorini, and if you are on the east side of the island, read on!

Agia Paraskevi Beach

It is located on the east side of Santorini, not far from the airport. The planes landing nearby make this place very interesting. On the 1500 metres long coastline there are sun loungers and beach umbrellas available for tourists. Hotels and restaurants are lined up along the shore.

Monolithos Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the island lies north of Agia Paraskevi. On the beach, cedars and pines provide shade from the Mediterranean sunshine. It is fully equipped. The beach is divided into three parts for water sports. There are kitesurf, windsurf and surf facilities available. The beach offers several recreational opportunities for families, groups of friends and travellers. There are sports courts in the middle of the beach.

Vourvoulos Beach

This is one of the most hidden undisturbed beaches in the east coast! The coastline is pebbly, the water is crystal clear. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, you should definitely visit here! The small town nearby is also very cosy.

Pori Beach

The Pori Beach lies on the northeastern side of the island, near Cape Columbo. It is a family-friendly beach, mostly visited by locals. It is in a beautiful bay, the coastline is covered in reddish-golden sand. The water is crystal clear. The beach is always peaceful. If you want to get away from the world for a little bit, drop anchor at this bay! There is a tavern on the cliff above the beach serving typical local dishes.coast of Santorini

Cape Columbo

Cape Columbo is at the northern end of Santorini. There are several beaches and restaurants here. Most of them do not offer services, but you can find some well-equipped coastlines. It is worth to visit this area because in addition to the gorgeous beaches you can find outstanding vantage points with incredible views.

Ammudi Beach

In addition to the most beautiful port on the island, there is a beach with similar features. You can find this very popular coastline near Oia. It is not a typical beach since there is no natural coastline. The tourists can sunbathe on the cliffs then jump in the deep water from 4 metres high.

In this article, we have shown you the best beaches in Santorini. You will find quiet, isolated bays and lively coastlines as well. Let’s embark on a journey and discover the most beautiful beaches in the lost city of Atlantis!