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Vacations with family are important:

it’s when you have the opportunity to escape from daily routine and spend some quality time together.

A family vacation is the ideal time to make the memories that’ll last for a lifetime.

The 17 best beaches in the Italian Riviera: azure blue refreshment!

You can see beautiful beaches everywhere in the Italian Riviera; some of them are rocky, while others are pebbly or sandy. Their diversity is incredible. But [...]

The 7 best beaches around Cannigione

Cannigione and its neighbouring areas, located in Costa Smeralda, have beautiful beaches. They are not only perfect for sunbathing and swimming, but for watersports such as [...]

The 8 best beaches around El Masnou

The town and its surroundings boast cosy, well-equipped beaches that are perfect for sunbathing and swimming, as well as trying some water sports. Which are the [...]

The 7 best beaches around Arzachena

We can access Arzachena’s excellent beaches easily. There are shady bays and family-friendly beaches here, as well as watersports such as surfing, waterskiing and scuba diving. [...]

The 9 best beaches in Roses

Regardless of whether you prefer large beaches with great amenities or you like smaller secluded bays, Roses will satisfy all your needs. For instance, you can [...]

Beaches in Rhodes

Turquoise beaches, soft sand, and coral reefs? In Rhodes, everything is about summer and relaxation. The island’s climate is perfect for the best holidays. The sea [...]

The 9 best beaches in Palamós

The small fishing town boasts a splendid beach that stretches for 3 km, encompassing various swimming spots: there are beaches covered in fine sand, pebbles or [...]

The 8 best beaches in Sitges

The coastline of the city is the app. 4 kilometres long, and incredibly, there are 17 beaches here. All of them are covered with white sand [...]

Best beaches in Paros: The 18 most gorgeous beaches in the island

You will find a beach almost every meter of the Paros coast. The bustling coastline of the island hosts many hidden or popular beaches. You will [...]

The best beaches in Mykonos: Crowded beaches and quiet bays

The island of Mykonos is one of the most beautiful members of the Cyclades. There are great beaches in its shores, surrounded by bays. The Aegean [...]

The 16 best beaches in Lavrion: Discover the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean Sea!

The most important part of a true Mediterranean holiday is the beach. On hot summer days, there is nothing better than taking a dip in the [...]

The 6 best beaches in L’Estartit

Thanks to the 50-kilometre-long, incredibly diverse landscape, the shores of L’Estartit can be divided into two parts. Almost 2/3 of the area is rocky, with many [...]

Beaches in Kos

The island of Kos is a real gem on the Aegean Sea. Awe-inspiring bays, verdant mountain slopes and ancient wonders await visitors. The water is pristine [...]

Best beaches in Santorini: The 16 most beautiful beaches in the island

The Santorini beaches are not the typical wide, sandy beaches. Rather, imagine wild coastlines, hiding under the shades of cliff walls, covered in volcanic rocks. Mostly [...]

The 27 Best beaches in Milos: Sail to the island of Thousand Bays, Milos!

Milos is a horseshoe-shaped island in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, a hundred kilometres to the north from Crete. Its territory is relatively small, [...]

The best beaches in Genoa: diverse beaches filled with joy

Genoa is Italy’s largest port city, where you can paddle as you please on the beaches of crystalline waters and friendly people in and around the [...]

The 8 most beautiful beaches in Blanes

The city has a shore segment of more than 4 kilometres. It offers many breathtaking places, for instance, S’Abanell; a beach with golden sand and impressive [...]

The 10 best beaches in Barcelona

The city has cosy and well-equipped beaches in the length of several kilometres. They are covered with golden sand and are perfect for sunbathing, swimming and [...]

The 9 Best Beaches in Cambrils

Cambrils in Costa Dorada is different from Costa Brava. The coastline is less divided and there are many long, golden sandy beaches. The name of the [...]

Beaches in Ciutadella

The beaches in Ciutadella and in its surroundings are fairly beautiful. There are rocky romantic beaches, but you will also find classic sandy plages. One common [...]

17 beaches in Maó-Mahón: Get refreshed in this unspoilt nature!

Maó-Mahón is the largest town of Menorca, which belongs to the Balearic islands. It lies on the eastern part in a natural harbour. As a matter [...]

The 10 most beautiful beaches in the seaside resorts along the Costa Brava coast

Do you love to sunbathe and swim in picturesque natural surroundings? Then Costa Brava is the perfect choice. It has a long coastline where popular beaches [...]

The 11 best beaches in Puglia

Explore the most stunning beaches and bays in Puglia through our article below. Puglia has so much more to offer than splendid towns, gastronomy and historical [...]

12 Best beaches in San Remo: Refresh yourself on the Italian Riviera!

San Remo is the most beautiful city in the Western Riviera. Luxurious palaces, medieval fortresses, and lush nature await you! If you feel like having a [...]

10 coastal destinations in Spain: The best beaches…

If you are looking for a nice holiday on a beach, Spain is a perfect choice. There is a long, breathtaking shore segment here, with a [...]

The 12 best beaches in Liguria

Majestic cliffs, cosy bays, pastel-coloured houses; you’ll definitely associate these characteristics with the beaches in Liguria. And they really are the core elements of the pure [...]

8 beaches of picturesque beauty in Bosa

There are several Sardinian beaches near Bosa that you should discover. Most of them are sandy, and some also have rocks. The best beaches in Bosa? [...]

9 beautiful beaches in Carloforte

There are many beautiful beaches in Carloforte. They are characterised by the fine-grained, white sand, the crystal clear water, perfect for swimming, and an incredible landscape. [...]

8 breathtaking beaches around Cagliari

You can find amazing beaches in the city and nearby – especially in Villasimius. Most of them have crystal clear water and white sand. The best [...]

Best beaches in Menorca: 20 shades of turquoise

It is well known that the shores of Menorca are unique in the world. There are even more beaches in this island than both Mallorca and [...]

Beaches in Alghero: 8 picturesque beaches around Alghero

In the city and in its neighbourhood, you can explore several beautiful beaches. Sandy shore segments and crystal clear, shallow water await visitors. Best beaches around [...]

12 breathtaking beaches and spas in Moniga del Garda

The southern shores of Moniga del Garda are perfect for swimming. The air and water temperature is slightly higher than in the northern parts. The best [...]

The 13 best beaches in Garda: You can swim in the clearest lake in Italy, in a beautiful environment

It’s mainly the southern part of Lake Garda that is ideal for swimming, as the temperature and the water are warmer compared to the northern part. [...]

8 excellent beaches in Navene di Malcesine

Although it’s the southern part of Lake Grada that is recommended for swimming, it’s northern part also boasts some must-see places. Here, however, temperatures– including water [...]

Looking for the best beaches near Bar

Montenegro and its typical tiny towns can be mentioned as real pearls of the Adriatic Sea. This amazing country with a Mediterranean climate has so far [...]

Beaches in Athens: The best beaches in Athens you have to visit

There are millions of attractions in the Greek capital. In addition to historical sites, countless entertainment venues make the city both modern and romantic. You can [...]

Beaches in Kastel Gomilicia: The best beaches in and around Kastel Gomilica

In central Dalmatia, the north-eastern warm coastal stream generates a mild climate with dry, hot summers. The water is pleasantly cool from the beginning of May [...]

The best beaches in Opatija and the Opatija Riviera

One beautiful spot follows another on the Opatija Riviera, in favour of vacationers. Indented coast, tiny gulfs, untouched pieces of nature, crystal clear water. Essentially, the [...]

The best beaches in Biograd na Moru and its neighbouring area

The Mediterranean climate, wonderful beaches and interesting historic sights all make Northern Dalmatia an attractive place for millions of tourists year by year. Biograd na Moru [...]

Beaches in Salerno

Both the beaches and coves of Salerno are easily accessible by boat. The majority of them have sandy shores. Best beaches in Salerno? If you choose [...]

Beaches in Agropoli: 9 beautiful beaches around the city

If you would like to have a holiday on the beach, Agropoli is a perfect choice. The water is especially clear here, and it’s ideal for [...]

The 13 best beaches in the Amalfi Coast, where you can have a dip in crystal clear waters

The breathtakingly beautiful Amalfi Coast is world-renowned and boasts several stunning beaches that are characterised by crystal clear, pristine waters. beaches in the Amalfi Coast? Make [...]

The best beaches in Punat and its vicinity

Those who wish for a bath can choose from a variety of gorgeous sections of shore on the island of Krk and Punat. Indented shore, tiny [...]

Beaches in Sibenik

Sibenik, the North-Dalmatian paradise, is one of the preferred cities among yacht owners. It is also an ideal starting-off point to explore the region. Wherever we [...]

The best beaches in the British Virgin Islands

If life takes you to the Caribbean Sea, wherever you go, it will get you a little bit out of the course of everyday life. The [...]

Beaches in the Caribbean: from luxury to naturality

The Caribbean region reminds everyone of the picturesque palm trees, crystal clear water and snow-white sand. It’s true that the region is rich in wonderful sights. [...]

The best beaches in Mali Losinj

The astonishing shores of Croatia offer countless opportunities for those who wish to take a bath or do water sports. Family-friendly site, nudist beach, or simply [...]

Beaches in Sukosan

North-Dalmatia is the paradise of boatmen. Its climate is hotter and more predictable than anywhere else on the Adriatic Sea. Flat, special-shaped islands stretch along the [...]

8 beautiful beaches in Dalmatia: from hidden coves to world-famous, top-ranking beaches

White sand under your feet, but the annual sunshine hours up in the cloudless sky. Dalmatia counts over 1,000 islands and provides diverse swimming opportunities for [...]

Beaches in Italy: 13 beautiful Italian beaches for you

Actually, Italy is not just rich in historic monuments but its breath-taking beaches attract thousands of tourists. Soft white sand, crystal-clear water - what else is [...]

10 best beaches in the Mediterranean: ultimate joy and splashing experience

Another country’s culture always makes us excited during our holiday. Sea lovers, for instance, definitely choose a destination with a fascinating coast where they can feel [...]

11 best beaches in Istria

The coastline of Istria is almost 430 kilometres long, so it provides countless different opportunities in terms of beaches. Istria is amongst the most beautiful and [...]

Top 14 beaches in the Bahamas

Sunshine, cosy beach, blue sky, fine cocktails – this is what you can expect at your arrival in the Bahamas. Just get ashore and choose a [...]

8 beautiful beaches in Croatia

Croatia’s beaches are worthy of being world-famous. Thanks to its pleasant Mediterranean climate and diverse coastline that stretches for long, it’s home to countless gorgeous beaches. [...]

Best beaches in Sardinia: Dip in the azure blue sea

The second largest island in the Mediterranean region is famous for the beauty of its beaches and its clean environment. Its beaches are internationally top-ranked, they [...]

10 amazing beaches in Montenegro that you shouldn’t miss

Despite its isolatedness and small size Montenegro will offer very diverse beach options for all tourists. This small country with a Mediterranean climate surrounded by the [...]

The best beaches in Antiqua

Breathtaking clear and blue sea, dazzling sunshine, beautiful white sandy beaches – this is Antigua. The country is mainly characterised by beaches and coral reefs. Whether [...]

Beaches in the Aegean Sea: Fantastic beaches where you should go

Greece is known for its beautiful beaches all over the world. They can be found along the Aegean Sea in an extremely large number of places. [...]

Beaches, coasts and bays in Kvarner-bay: Fantastic beaches to visit, if you sail on the Adriatic Sea

Five beaches represent Kvarner Bay on the top 20 list of Croatia’s beaches: Vela Plaža and Stara Baška beaches of Krk island, Zrće Beach of Pag [...]

9 most beautiful beaches in Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda is 55 km long in the north-east part of the island, between Olbia and Palau. Sailing near to Costa Smeralda’s coastline, the crystal clear [...]

Beaches in Cuba: The finest beaches in Cuba

“Fidel Castro, rum and the Cuban cigar.” Most people mention these words when asked about Cuba, even though the country has much more to offer! The [...]

Beaches in Puerto Rico: Beach lover’s ultimate destination

Despite the small size of this beautiful Caribbean island, it is crowded with beautiful beaches. There are about 300 beaches in Puerto Rico, so it is [...]

Beaches in Sicily: Let’s go to the beach! But where?

If you want to relax, your usual first choice is the beach, where you can do water sports, lie in the sun, swim, scuba dive, make [...]

Best beaches in Mexico: Long, sandy beaches with clear blue ocean

You have finally arrived and anchored. Sunshine, beach, tequila. You can read about the best and most exotic beaches in Mexico here. You’ll be presented with [...]