Milos is a horseshoe-shaped island in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, a hundred kilometres to the north from Crete. Its territory is relatively small, around 160 square miles. Despite its size, there are over 75 beaches in its shores. It is an island of volcanic origin, so its terrain is really diverse. There are heat sources in the depths of the soil which have therapeutic effects. In the following sections, we are going to show you the 50 best beaches in Milos!beaches in Milos

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

The best beaches in Milos: Beaches in Milos Bay

Milos Bay is the busiest area on the island. Of course, not literally – it is visited by fewer tourists than the larger members of the Cyclades. There are no large crowds even during the main season, so the beaches preserve their peace. In this section, we are going to show you the best beaches in Milos, if you are looking for spots in Milos Bay!

Nerodafni Beach

This is the first beach in the west at the entrance of Milos Bay. It is a long sandy beach tempting tired sailors. The northernmost point of the island can be found nearby. After swimming, walk to the cliff and admire the arriving yachts!


There is a small valley covered with oil trees running down to the shores, ending in a flat and widening shore. The beach is sandy and pebbly, with very shallow water. In the summer, the temperature of the sea is often around 30ºC near the shores. If you wait until sunset, you will have an amazing view of the island of Antimilos. You can get refreshed in the small beach bar.


Adamas is the port city on the island. It has several beaches. Lagada beach is located in the northern part of the island. It is a tiny but busy beach. There is a restaurant and a bar here. Papakinou Beach has a long sandy beach that is perfect for those who arrive with children. During the summer season, there is a bar and a seasonal restaurant on the beach. You can rent sunshades and loungers.

Achivadolimni beach

The beach culminates at the end of the bay. It has a perfect semicircular shape, providing a view of the two beaches in the inside of the island. The wide, white-sandy beach is very clean. It got its name from a salt lake nearby, which is home to a rare shellfish.beaches in Milos

Fatourena and Rivari Beach

Continuing our journey, we can reach the beach of Fatourena on the west side of the bay. A shallow lagoon crosses from one side. The shore segment is a wonderful sight. Rivari is practically the continuation of Fatourena. There is a wide, sandy beach here with clean water. It is a peaceful spot that is not visited very frequently.

Agios Dimitrios

You can find the public beach of Agios Dimitrios at the other end of the bay. There is a wonderful church with whitewashed walls standing on the cliff nearby. You can only access it on the water.

Coast and bays in Milos: beaches in the northern and eastern side of the island

On the eastern side of the island, the shores with snow-white tuffs appear. The firmly divided shore has amazing bays to offer. In the following section, we are going to introduce the best coasts and bays in Milos, should you be in the western parts of the island.


The beach of Firopotamos is hiding on the northwestern parts of Milos. This tiny, picturesque fishing village can be found directly on the beach. There is a sandy beach running among the tiny boat sheds. It has a unique, romantic atmosphere.

Mandrakia Beach

Mandrakia beach can be found near Firopotamos. The shore segment is only a few kilometres wide. It is located right next to a fantastic restaurant loved by the locals as well. Its great balcony always offers a cheerful atmosphere.


Sarakiniko is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the island, and maybe even in the entire country of Greece. These parts of Milos are covered with snow-white volcanic tuff. Thanks to the erosion of the wind and the water, spectacular formations have been created from the rocks. Blindingly white cones, caves and holes decorate the porous surface. The water is dazzling blue, and it is very clean. There is no established infrastructure.coast of Milos

Mytakas beach

The beach of Mytakas is located further to the south from Sarakiniko. It is fairly small, but the waves are ideal for surfing. The seasonal restaurant makes sure that we don’t remain hungry. The sea bottom is rocky, but it is still worth swimming, as we can relax under special rock curves.

Beach Hockey

The list of adventurous places does not end here. You can enjoy the shade of a giant rock wall on this shore segment. There is a nice sandy beach with shallow water as well.

Papafragas Beach

This beach is located among the rock walls of a narrow fjord. It is connected to the sea by a natural gate. Its narrow beach is covered with golden sand.


This beautiful fishing village and its port look like they were left here from the past. The beach is long and wide, covered with sand. The water is shallow and quiet, with practically no waves. There are many trees providing a lot of shade. Visitors can enjoy the popular beach and the restaurant, and there is also a restroom.

Voudia Beach

This is a public beach in a natural environment. They have no equipment, only what nature has given. Walking on its small-pebbly beach is a pleasant experience. Beside the green colour provided by the vegetation, the rocks on the shores are red and yellow. Enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Thioroichia Beach

It can be found in Paliorema Bay. There is a unique atmosphere because of the abandoned sulphur mine from the 19th century. The water is beautiful and clean. Among the rocks, yellow sulphur crystals are glooming in the sunshine.

Kastanas Beach

This beach is established for nudists. If you want to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the touch of the sea naked, this is your place! It is a small and hidden bay where a perfect recreation is guaranteed.

Coasts and islands in Milos

The best beaches in Milos: The southern shores

There are dozens of unique beaches in the southern side, located in a natural environment. We are now going to show you some of the best beaches in Milos, should you
Want to sail to the south.


It has a developed infrastructure and is one of the most popular beaches in Milos. It is unique because of the thermal springs, many of which can be found near the shores. This is the reason why you can experience warm, sometimes even hot waves. The rocks got their yellow and red colour from the sulphur, which also has a typical smell that permeates the area. Its therapeutic effects have been recognised for ages. The restaurant Scirocco near the shores offers a speciality: mutton baked in the soil. They place the mutton in a pot 40-50 centimetres deep in the soil, where the temperature is around 102ºC, and they steam it for a few hours.


If you are looking for an adventurous experience on the beach, you must go to Tsigrado! You can get there on a boat or use a ladder – left carelessly in a narrow ravine – and get down to the place on the vertical rock wall. After a few metres of unstable laddering, you will reach the soft sandy beach. The sight will definitely make up for your struggles. The water has a glorious turquoise colour, and there is a few-metre-long sandy beach.

Kalamos and Gerakas

You can only access these wonderful places by boat. The two beaches are located next to each other on the same shore segment. The narrow and sandy beach is followed by a giant and steep cliff; only climbers can reach that spot. Many excursion boats stop at these breathtaking shores, so you will definitely find company!

Fyriplaka Beach

The only two options two access the place is from the water or by climbing a wall. It is bordered by a horizontal cliff from the direction of the land. There is a wonderful sandy beach, and you can walk a great distance into the water, as it is slowly deepening. They have a seasonal beach bar here, but apart from that, there is practically no infrastructure. There are beautiful rock formations on the shores.


This is not exactly a beach, but that doesn’t really matter! The shore segment of Kleftiko consists of several small bays and caves. It is rather a sailing destination, as it is very difficult to access it from the land. There are giant white rocks with chambers where pirates used to hide their treasure. It is a perfect spot for snorkelling and scuba diving. The turquoise water has amazing wildlife.coast of Milos

Coasts and bays in Milos: The most beautiful beaches in the western curve

The shores of Milos are completely uninhabited, so they only have natural beaches. We can get to most of them on the water, due to the cliffs on the shores. The best coasts and bays in Milos? Read on, and we are going to show you!

Agathia Beach

This sandy natural beach is located on the northwestern side of Milos. It is situated at the crossing of a mountain stream, surrounded by lush green trees. If you can visit the spot at sunset, as the western sky has marvellous colours.

Triades Beach

This fantastic public beach can be found to the south from Agathia. There is a narrow reef that divides the shore into two parts. The 200-metre-long, golden sandy beach resembles paradise itself. The roundish rocks are covered with seagrass and succulent plants which have a purple colour in the summer.

Silent Beach

There is another quiet bay that opens a few metres away from Triades. It is significantly smaller than its neighbour. If you can get on a boat that takes you to the beach, chances are that you will be the only one there. You can enjoy the lukewarm sea and the refreshing breeze in peace, far from everything.

Ammoudraki Beach

Ammoudraki is a direct neighbour to these two beaches. The sand has a light beige colour, and there is crystal clear blue water. There are several tiny bays located next to each other – you should try all of them!coast of Milos

Aghios Ioannis Beach

This is a very nice abandoned bay on the western side of the island. Saint John’s Abbey stands near the secluded beach, providing a special atmosphere.


Sykia is considered a little bit unconventional compared to the other beaches. It is not particularly a beach but a collapsed cave visited by a lot of people looking for a dive. The beach is very small, and can only be accessed by boat. Larger yachts cannot pass through the entrance of the cave. It has cold and deep water of bluish-green colour. It is popular among divers.

In this article, we have introduced the best beaches in Milos. Unfortunately, we could only cover a few places, as there are more than 70 registered beaches and even more tiny bays in the area. Despite its small size, the island has dozens of wonderful sights to offer to the expert eye. Should you be looking for adventurous and romantic sceneries, this is your world. If you like the joy of exploring, Milos has everything you need.