The second largest island in the Mediterranean region is famous for the beauty of its beaches and its clean environment. Its beaches are internationally top-ranked, they are beautiful and the sand of many of them is very fine. Several beaches still preserve their untouched character and original form. The island that has a population of 1.5 million people has two types of coasts. The south and the west are dominated by sandy beaches, while coasts with cliffs are typical for the northern and eastern side. We can go for many kinds of programs, e.g. rock climbing, sailing or scuba diving.
You can also surf because the wind blows in this area almost every day.
beaches in Sardinia

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Beaches in Sardinia: Beaches of port cities

There are two major port cities in Sardinia: Alghero and Cagliari. These cities are the busiest and most visited parts of the island thanks to tourists..


Alghero is located in the west of Sardinia. Approaching the city, you can spot the wonderful old town near the coast immediately, which gives an amazing view to those who arrive by boat. If you sail a little further, you can catch a glimpse of Spiaggia di Maria Piat. This fantastic beach with white sand is the most popular beach in the city, still, it is not too busy. The shadows of trees will protect you from getting sunburnt, but you also have the chance to rent a sunbed and a parasol, if you wish.
Lovers of water sports can pursue their hobbies here, you can water ski and surf too. You can also try scuba diving in the neighbourhood and discover local water world there. There is a small bar on the beach, where visitors with a hot body can buy drinks to refresh themselves. You can also dine here, there are many restaurants nearby.Beaches in Sardinia


The port city of Cagliari, which is also the capital of Sardinia is in the south of the island. The beach Spiaggia del Poetto is in the neighbourhood of this city that has a historical town centre. The beach with flour-like sand and with grass is one of the most popular beaches of the city. You can rent a sunbed and a parasol, have various drinks. If you get hungry, you get the opportunity to eat different kinds of fish meals.

Beaches in Sardinia: The most beautiful beaches of the islandCoasts and islands in Sardinia

La Pelosa

to the north is one of the most beautiful beaches, if not the most beautiful beach of the island. The coast is covered by white sand, which gives the shallow water a light colour. When you watch the horizon, you can see that there are many small islands a little further away and this creates a pleasant atmosphere to the view. It’s worth visiting this beach, even if it is full of tourists.

Porto Pollo

If you sail a little to the east but stay at the north, you can see Porto Pollo. It has a wonderful sandy beach and the sea has good waves for surfing and swimming. On the north side of Sardinia rocky and sandy beaches follow each other, but on the eastern side, you only find beaches with rocks, which also offer a picturesque view.

Cala Goloritze

One of these beaches is Cala Goloritze, which is to be found at bay Orose. The white beach is decorated with small pebbles and the turquoise coloured sea makes a dream-like atmosphere on the beach. The rocks around the beach stimulate many people to climb them, that’s why you don’t only meet swimmers, but also mountaineers here.

Coasts and bays in Sardinia: Coasts suitable for swimming

Coasts and islands in Sardinia
if you sail around the island and its neighbourhood, you can realize that it is not only at cities, where you find beaches that are worth visiting but also at smaller towns or villages and also in pure nature.

Cala Corsara

This wonderful beach is located north of Sardinia on the island Isola Spargi. The beach is in a beautiful bay, far from civilization, yet it is a popular destination for people sailing or arriving by tourist boats here. Almost all visitors agree that this coast section with hills and the rocky and sandy beach could compete for the title of „most beautiful beach”. Though, it is good to know that there is no dining facility at the beach..

Spiaggia di Scivu

Is located on the west of the island, it is a large sandy beach. Those who have a sense of art will surely feel inspired by the wonderfully azure blue water, the yellow sandy beach and the background with hills and rocks. Along the beach, you can find a pleasant bar to eat and drink. You can consume your meal or drink at tables in the shadow.

Spiaggia di Is Arutas

Spiaggia di Is Arutas is also on the west of the island. The sandy beach offers one of the most beautiful views in its neighbourhood. If you go to this beach with sand and pebbles, you are advised to take a towel and parasol with you, because you can’t rent it there. It is a windy beach, but still, it gives an amazing you for those who want to relax here. Those who have been here all agree that it would have been a pity to miss this coast section in their life both in terms of swimming and view.bay in Sardinia

Cala Biriala

You find the beach Cala Biriala in the east of the island. This rocky beach is popular among tourists, as the rocks above the beach give you a breathtaking view. You also get the chance to flee under larger rocks, if the sun shines too strongly to protect your skin from getting sunburnt. You get an unrivalled view due to the white rocky mountains, the crystal clear water as well as the coast covered by various plants. The water temperature is pleasant here, which will refresh you in the summer heat. The coast is far from civilization, therefore no sports equipment can be rent, but you’d also better take some food and beverages with you to this beach.

Porto Giunco

The beach Porto Giunco is in the south of the island near Noretti . This beach with a rocky and sandy coast is different from other beaches because it is bordered by the sea to the east and by a lake to the west. This coast with a wide and long beach is very popular among locals and tourists. Since it is really picturesque and at an excellent location, it is really worth visiting it once!
If you want to enhance your comfort, you can rent a parasol and a sunbed here. The beach is windy, this making this attractive beach a prime choice for surfers.
You could also mix up the coasts with a tropical island, as the blue colour of the sea is almost blinding and glitters in the thousand shades of turquoise. Swim on Europe’s most beautiful beaches and go for eventful island trips and unforgettable boat tours. Sardinia expects you with a very long, almost 2,000 km long coast and fantastic beaches. The colour of the sea is made special by really tiny and pink pebbles. So if you are a lover of the waves that may show you a thousand shades of blue, then Sardinia will be a perfect choice for you.