Maó-Mahón is the largest town of Menorca, which belongs to the Balearic islands. It lies on the eastern part in a natural harbour. As a matter of fact, there is no bathing opportunity in the town, only in the neighbouring settlements. You can find here various beaches: shallow sandy shores, rocky bays, golden brown and black sandy and pebbly beaches. The beaches are not really well-equipped; they welcome tourists in their naturally-formed beauty. Further on let’s see the best beaches in Maó-Mahón in details.beaches in Maó-Mahón

The main points of the article are the following:

Best beaches in Maó-Mahón: Plunge into the water south from the town

You can visit the classical light sandy beaches to the south from Maó-Mahón. Ice formed its shore and made narrow fjords and stream valleys. By these flows, there are breath-taking bays. There are larger and smaller ones too, the latter is just enough big for a family. These amazing beaches are waiting only for you. We have gathered you the best beaches heading from the town to the south on the shore.

Cala Pedrera

This beach lies in the fjord of Mahón. The shore and the sea bottom are quite rocky; therefore a wooden walkway was built there. To be honest, this is a remarkable bay. It seems as if you are standing on a small pier without yachts. The water is deeper here and unbelievably clear.

Beaches of Sant Felipe

We are now at the entrance of the bay where a castle stood during the British reign. There is a tiny sandy cove here. After visiting the castle have a bath here.

Cala Rafalet

This is truly the bay which only exits in films. This few meters wide cove extends through a very narrow stream valley to the land. It ends in the forest where the leaves of trees ruffle the turquoise water. A sheer wonder world!

Cala Alcaufar

First of all, its white sandy shore is captivating. Thanks to the shallow water it is an ideal destination for families with small children. The capacity of the beach is rather limited, so you won’t feel cramped. There are a small buffet and a toilet on the shore.bay in Maó-Mahón

Punta Prima Beach

This is a classical semi-circumference bay with soft sand and crystal clear water. You can rent sunbeds, sun umbrellas or sit in the bar or restaurant. Its wide shore provides an excellent place for sunbathing. The water is safe as it deepens slowly.

Cala Binibeca

Cala Binibeca is very popular. Beyond its fantastic beach, you can see an extraordinary beach bar. It was originally an old fisherman’s cottage, on the terrace guests can sit under palm tree umbrellas. In the evening you can listen to concerts. Its cuisine is fairly simple following the traditions of islanders.

Caló Blanc

This cove stretches beside Binissafua. The shore is rocky, but the sea bottom is sandy. The harmony between the show white cliffs and the clear blue water captivate tourists. You can feel as if you are the only one in the world.

Cales Coves

There is a bay with two branches on the east from Cala en Porter. Besides its pleasant water, there is another unique sight. The caves in the steep cliffs were used as burial sites many years ago. Nowadays the caves are empty. It is really worth visiting this vicinity.

Son Bou Beach

It might be the largest beach of Menorca. Its soft sandy beach stretches metres along. The water is clear and shallow. A restaurant, a toilet, sunbeds and a bar are at your disposal. It is not “just” a beach, at its eastern end you can marvel at the ruins of a 1700-year-old early Christian basilica.beaches in Maó-Mahón

Best coasts and bays in Maó-Mahón: The most wonderful natural beaches in the North

Regarding geology, the northern part of the island is different from the southern part. The rocks are darker and older here than the southern limestone cliffs. The beaches are calmer here than in the south. Many of them lie in the territory of the national park, so they are even more protected, bathing is allowed. Let’s see then the best coast and bays in Maó-Mahón to the north!

Cala des Murtar

The first beach from Maó-Mahón is Cala des Murtar. There are the typical black cliffs on the shore. There is no infrastructure, so you can swim in the blue water uninterruptedly.

Cala Mesquida

There is a parking place next to the bay and a great restaurant on the shore. Thus, after swimming try a lobster ragout in Cap Roig.

Cala des Grau

You can find this protected bay on the territory of the Menorca National Park. Here the sand is lighter and the sea bottom is shallow. You can find a restaurant, a shop in the village or you can take a stroll in the park. The beach is amazing; the fauna in the water is under protection.

Cala Tortuga

Cala Tortuga is a real intact beach on the northeastern part of Menorca. It is accessible either by boats or on foot from Es Grau. It is very close to the Favaritx light tower. Its name derives from the turtle population living in the lagoons. The water is fairly shallow, ideal for children. If you are a fan of diving, swim a bit further to see many wonders in the sea. You might even catch a glimpse of a turtle.

Arenal den Castell

We are in about 25 minutes’ walk from Maó-Mahón. A lovely little town is built around this beach. The coast is 650-metre long with golden sand. At the brink of the bay, there is a restaurant, a toilet and a bar. You can rent sun umbrellas or bikes. The beach is protected from waves; its crystal-clear water is quite calm.Coasts and islands in Maó-Mahón

More beaches near Maó-Mahón: 3 places which are a must

Menorca is said to have more beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza together. Our article also underlines this since we have collected a few from the best coasts. A bit farther from Mahón, there are cosy beaches. Do not worry about distance; the whole island is 45 km long and 18 km wide. Come with us and get enchanted!

Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana lies on the south of the island. It is fully-equipped with catering facilities. Children can play in the playground. You can rent a bike or a canoe if you want to row in the neighbouring coves. Its light blue water is unbelievably clear. There are two tiny lagoons, Cala Macarella and Cala Mitjana, on the east and west from the beach. Discover all these amazing untouched coasts!

Cala Pregonda

There is no settlement nearby. This fully uninhabited beach lies on the northern coastline. There are many reefs in the calm bay, you can swim through. The coast is sandy, a light surface. The bay welcomes snorkel fans too since the flora and fauna among the cliffs is unforgettable. You can feel here as if you were the first human in Paradise.

Cala del Pilar

This tiny turquoise cove can be found between Cala Pregonda and Cala Morell, here you can fell really independent. This is a rarely visited, tranquil spot. It is easily accessible by yachts. Stop for a while on this untouched beach and dip into the water.

In this article, we have collected some beaches near Maó-Mahón. As you can see, there are many intact coasts with no infrastructure. This is a typical feature of Menorca since the whole island has preserved its natural beauty. This is a value to be considered. The wild nature can help in releasing stress in this automatized busy world. Listen to your heart and spend some time in this Eden.