The city has cosy and well-equipped beaches in the length of several kilometres. They are covered with golden sand and are perfect for sunbathing, swimming and doing watersports because of their width. The best beaches in Barcelona? We are going to show you the best beaches in town. beaches in Barcelona

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

The best beaches in Barcelona: The most famous beaches

Barceloneta Beach

This is the beach located closest to the city centre, so it is not only the most popular but also the most famous one. You can find it not far from the harbour Port Vell. It is 422 metres long and 79 metres wide on average. The Mediterranean beach is rated with the Blue Flag. It is equipped very well; there are showers, changing rooms and storage lockers. We can also rent sunshades and loungers. During the summer, lifeguards provide safety for swimmers. Barceloneta has several restaurants and snack bars.

San Sebastian Beach

One of Spain‘s most visited cities, Barcelona, has another well-known spa, named San Sebastian.The beach is 1100 metres long, and its average width is 81 metres. If you visit the place, you can not only enjoy the water and the sunshine but also play beach volleyball or do extreme sports. There are several services offered, such as showers, bars and lifeguards.

Somorrostro Beach

This amazing beach is very close to the city centre; it is located next to Barcelona, in the Ciutat Vella district. This is 522 metres long and 89 metres wide. It is especially popular among young people. They have showers, restaurants, and we can also rent sunshades and loungers. Sports enthusiasts can use the beach volleyball courts, while children can have fun on the playground.beaches in Barcelona

Coasts and bays in Barcelona: If you are looking for peace and quiet

Nova Icaria Beach

If you are looking for a quieter beach, we strongly recommend Nova Icaria, near the Olympic Port. The beach is 415 metres long, and its average width is 81 metres. It is very popular among friends and families. They have fantastic beach bars and restaurants, and we can also do sports. There are great options to choose from such as windsurfing, diving, wakeboarding or jet skiing. There are also services such as sunshades and loungers for rent, as well as changing rooms and storage lockers.

Bogatell Beach

Bogatell Beach can be found to the northeast from Nova Icaria. The beach is 700 metres long, and its average width is 100 metres. The beach has a Blue Flag certificate; it is particularly popular among middle-aged and elderly people. Families also love the place. Similarly to Nova Icaria, they also have great equipment and many services.

Mar Bella Beach

Another amazing spot with a Blue Flag certificate. It is especially popular among youngsters and locals in Barcelona. The beach is 512 metres long, and its average width is 71 metres. It is an ideal place for fans of watersports who can do surfing and kayaking here. We can even find a sports centre near the beach. This peaceful beach is also very well-equipped, but you should not expect many restaurants here.

Nova Mar Bella Beach

Nova Mar Bella is one of the most peaceful and most beautiful beaches in Barcelona. It is 420 metres long, and its average width is 87 metres. It is equipped well, with showers, sunshades and loungers. Lifeguards provide safety for swimmers.

Llevant Beach

The shores of Barcelona end with Llevant Beach near Nova Mar Bella. The beach is 375 metres long, and its average width is 74 metres. This is both the most northern and eastern beach in town, and it is also very peaceful.coast of Barcelona

More beautiful beaches around Barcelona

Ocata Beach (El Masnou)

The town, located to the northeast from Barcelona, is one of the finest beaches in the area. It is long, wide and very clean. We recommend it in particular if you do not like crowds, as it is very quiet and peaceful.

La Fragata Beach (Sitges)

The beach is very popular among families with its golden sand. You can find it right next to St Bartholomew and St Techla churches. There are great restaurants on the boardwalk behind the beach. They organise several sports events, like beach volleyball contests during the whole year.

You can find beaches with a buzzing atmosphere as well as quieter, more peaceful places on the shores of Barcelona. Thanks to its diversity, young people and the elderly will definitely find their favourite spots in the town. Choose from the beaches presented in this article, and we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.