Explore the most stunning beaches and bays in Puglia through our article below. Puglia has so much more to offer than splendid towns, gastronomy and historical monuments or natural gems. As a sailor, it’s handy to explore the best beaches, where it’s definitely worth mooring, as even for an experienced sailor it’s nice sometimes to be on land and relax on the beach. beaches in Puglia

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Beaches in Puglia, Lecce province

Torre dell’Orso (Melendugno)

In the bay of Melendugno, the beach of Torre dell’Orso is guarded by a 16th-century coastal tower all year round. The view from the coast is rather remarkable, regardless whether you admire the turquoise waters of the sea or San Foca village in the opposite direction. The coast extends for 1 km long, it’s a stretch with sand dunes, fringed with an evergreen pine forest. The unique feature of the beach is the two sea stacks emerging from the water, a few metres away from the coast, bearing the name: ‘Two Sisters’. It’s at the Otranto Strait where the coasts of Albania are closest to Italy, only 71 km away. The water is shallow and crystal-clear.

Baia dei Turchi (Otranto)

Situated in Otranto town, which is Italy’s easternmost point, Baia dei Turchi is one of the most splendid stretches of coast of the Salento Peninsula. The beach is part of the protected oasis of the Aimini Lakes. It stretches for 1.5 km, half of which is completely empty, whereas the other half is dotted with various beach equipment such as parasols and sun loungers. There’s no entry fee. The beach is accessible by a few minutes’ walks through a forest. Make sure you don’t miss out on visiting it. Its white-sand beach, fringed with turquoise waters is reminiscent to that of the Caribbean beaches. Baia dei Turchi is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best beaches in Puglia.bay in Puglia

Marina di Pescoluse (Maldive del Salento)

Its name is a tell-tale. Marina di Pescoluse is often called the ‘Maldives of Salento’. It’s not a coincidence; its white-sand beach and see-through water will make you feel like as if you were in the Maldives. The water is shallow and close to the coast tiny islets emerge from the sea to add to the beach’s manifold beauty. The dunes are embellished with acacias. A perfect choice for families, as there’re several restaurants, bars and various entertainment facilities.

Punta Pizzo (Galipolli)

The beach of Punta Pizzo is the southernmost stretch of coast from Gallipoli. If you visit it, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a typical view of Salento. You can revive in the breathtaking scenery of the white sand and blue water. In addition, the woodland that surrounds the beach offers plenty of shadow to hide from the blazing sun through the summer. You can also explore Isola di Sant’Andrea, a nature reserve near the beach.

Coasts and bays around Puglia, Bari Province

Capitolo (Monopoli)

The sandy Capitolo beach is embellished with rocks emerging sporadically. It’s south of Monopoli and a few years ago it has been awarded the Blue Flag which is the most prestigious economical prize also taking beach safety into consideration. It’s easily accessible both by car or public transport and there’re several public and private spots where you can enjoy the sea and the glorious weather. Zoo Safari and the famous San Domenico golf course are both in the vicinity of the beach too. If you are seeking complete recreation, Capitolo Beach is one of the best choices amongst the beaches of Puglia.

Polignano a Mare (Bari)

Polignano a Mare is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious and most touristy beaches in Puglia. In 2014 it has been awarded the Blue Flag for the 7th time for its excellent water quality and the amenities that are available on the beach. Crystalline waters combined with golden sand. There’re cliffs towering over the sea on both sides of the beach. You’ll often see teenagers jumping from the cliffs to the water to add to the fun.

beaches in the northern part of Puglia

Baia delle Zagare (Mattinata)

The beach is 15km from Mattinata. It’s often referred to as Baia dei Mergoli as well, which lies at the foot of the Gargano Promontory. The 1 km beach that consists of gravel and pebbles is enclosed by a stunning sheltered bay. Accessing it by boat is child’s play. It’s only accessible by sea or by land, walking through a hotel. If you plan to visit this bay by boat, you’ll have an even more unique experience as you can revive in the sight of the imposing limestone cliffs already from a distance.Coasts and islands in Puglia

Cala San Felice (Vieste)

Cala San Felice is a bay near Vieste that is home to two well-sheltered pebble beaches, separated by cliffs from one another. The place is only accessible by boat and the whole area is surrounded by lush vegetation. The famous Architiello, a sea shaped rock arch, is also in the close vicinity. This part of the coastline is a perfect spot for swimming.

Lido del Sole (Rodi Garganico)

This gem lies to the west of Rodi Garanico. Lido del Sole is a real hotspot and owing to its partly sandy beach and many amenities, it’s also a perfect choice for families, whereas the northerly winds also provide perfect conditions for surfers.

Cala Pietre di Fucile (Isola di Capraia)

One of the most stunning beaches in Puglia, Cala Pietre di Fucile stretches on the island of Capraia, one of the Tremiti Islands. Pietre di Fucile means ‘rifle stones’, referring to the fact that back in the Middle Ages the abbots used the bigger stones as defensive ammo. The view of the crystalline waters makes up for the fact that this part of the coastline is pebbly. This beach is also only accessible by boat and is therefore perfect for those, seeking serenity and a bit of isolation.

Cala dei Pagliai (Isola San Domino)

Cala dei Pagliai is the most visited and photographed beach of the Tremiti Islands. If you’ve already seen some astonishing photos about Puglia’s bays and beaches, you can take it granted that at least one of them has been taken here. Cala dei Pagliai is situated on San Domino Island, and like many other beaches in the area, it’s only accessible by boat. The name derives from the monolithic rock formations, craved exquisitely by Nature, resembling haystacks (‘pagliali’).

If you are in the mood for mooring and visiting some beaches in Puglia, feel free to pick from our list. We introduced you the most stunning and most popular beaches of the coastline. It doesn’t matter which part of Puglia you choose, you’ll be surrounded by awe-inspiring beaches and bays everywhere.