San Remo is the most beautiful city in the Western Riviera. Luxurious palaces, medieval fortresses, and lush nature await you! If you feel like having a bath, you don’t have to worry! The shores are shallower here than the east of Genoa and there are more sandy plages. The area abounds in beaches. Basically, everything and everyone is looking for the pleasure of vacationers. 12 best beaches in San Remo? Come with us and we will show you! beaches in San Remo

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Best beaches in San Remo: Turquoise refreshment

The beaches are also majestic in one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean. The water is crystal clear, the sky is shiny. Stretch on the soft sand or sit out on a sunny rock in the bay and relax! Below we will show you the best beaches in San Remo. Swim in the infinite blueness and experience maximum refreshment!

Tre Ponti Beach

Tre Ponti Beach is situated in the Eastern part of the city. It is mostly sandy, although a bit rocky in some places. The beach is fully equipped. You can rent a sunbed, canoe, surfboard, boat. There is also a volleyball court. On the beach, restaurants and bars are serving the comfort of the bathers. The bike path is near; you can also come by bike!

Lido Imperatrice

The Lido Imperatrice is a fully equipped elegant seaside. It runs beside the Corso along the shore. It’s actually a 4-star beach. Showers, a Caribbean bar, a playground, and water fitness are at your disposal.

Serenella Beach

This is a smaller beach but really friendly! It is not overcrowded, the coast is sandy. The staffs of restaurants are extremely helpful. Especially recommended for families with young children!

Bagni San Remo Blue Bay

The beach has been a family business for 3 generations. You can immediately recognize their care. The seabed is sandy, thus, it is comfortable to have a bath. The sunset is wonderful from this bay. A playground, a volleyball court, showers and sun loungers minister to the guests’ comfort.

Terrazza Beach

This sandy, wide beach is close to the Southern pier. If you’re on holiday with a dog, it’s your place! Here, our four-legged friends are also welcomed. Shower, restaurant, rest beds and maximum tolerance!coast of San Remo

Coasts and bays in San Remo: Beach party

A hot summer night on the beach? A splash with friends after the concert? If you want to take part in a real beach party, then read further. If you are a party animal check the best coasts and bays in San Remo below.

K-Beach San Remo

Enjoy the night in San Remo. K-Beach is a beach bar and nightclub where you can gain different musical experience in the evenings. Watch out! It is usually full; you need to book in advance. Cocktails, supper, and awesome party await you!

Victory Morgana Bay

This is a very exclusive club between the two harbours. The innovative modern building has a restaurant and lounge bar. Live music and special gourmet cuisine pamper the guests. The light of the bay and harbours will fascinate you from the glassy terrace.

Il Cubo

There is a small nightclub on the East side of San Remo. It is simple, though attractive! Its terrace overlooks the beach. The atmosphere is familiar; thus, you can make new friends in minutes! The music is always on, whether it is pop, rock or alternative. If you are longing for a cool party, come to Il Cubo!

More beaches near San Remo: Splash in the sea near the city!

If the hustle and bustle of city life do not attract you, try the beaches near San Remo! Due to the great features of the shore, super baths come after each other. If you are interested in the best beaches near San Remo, stay with us.beaches in San Remo


Bussana locates 7 km from the city. It has a sandy-pebbly beach and cosy atmosphere. It is a bit more relaxed than metropolitan bustling beaches. If you want a quiet afternoon relaxation, hop over to Bussana Beach!


There are more beaches in Ospedaletti, which is situated on the West of San Remo. The best beaches in Ospedaletti are listed below.

Beach Alfonso

Beach Alfonso is a free beach with no built-in infrastructure. If you’re on your way, but you want to stop for a splash, this is a perfect opportunity. Beautiful clear water washes its pebbly beach.

Bagni La scogliera Beach

This is a very nice, well-equipped seaside. The cuisine of the restaurant is excellent, they cook great. The coast also has a shallower and deeper section. Super choice for families and fraternities!

Sirena Beach

Sirena Beach & Restaurant is a complex catering place. However, it is not a large beach, it is more enjoyable! The heart and the soul of this seaside is a first-class restaurant. Its tiny pebbly beach is suitable for little ones and if you like, you can rent a paddle boat too!