You can see beautiful beaches everywhere in the Italian Riviera; some of them are rocky, while others are pebbly or sandy. Their diversity is incredible. But they all have one thing in common: The blue tone of the water and sea life is enchanting! We are going to show you the 17 best beaches in the Italian Riviera!beaches in Italian Riviera

  • The best beaches in the Italian Riviera: If you want to enjoy the quiet and the amazing panorama
  • The best coasts and bays in the Italian Riviera: If you like the buzz
  • 10 more beaches in the Italian Riviera: a wide selection to choose from

The best beaches in the Italian Riviera: If you want to enjoy the quiet and the amazing panorama

Beaches in the Italian Riviera are not at all average, thanks to the fact that they are located near the mountains. Small bays in the shadow of steep rock walls, like it was a separated little world. We are going to show you the best beaches where you can hide from everything.

Paraggi Beach

If you are in Liguria, you must definitely see the beach of Paraggi near Portofino! The beach, located in a natural environment, is a true gem. It is small but very tempting. Its crystal clear waters are rich in sea life. Interestingly, you can explore a 100-year-old shipwreck with an easy dive.

San Fruttoso

It is a rocky beach which is not crowded at all. You can only access it by boat or on foot. It is really worth diving in the beautiful blue water. The rocky bay, surrounded by mountains, is a perfect hiding spot from the noise of the world.


Guvano is an untouched pebbly beach near Vernazza. It is not visited frequently, so there are no crowds. It is surrounded by steep mountain walls and rich flora. You will feel like you are on a deserted island!

Le Rosse di Albana Beach

It is a destination only accessible by boat. The pink rocks reaching into the sea got their colour from ammonia when they were formed. The azure blue sea and the reddish stones provide a wonderful atmosphere. It is not accessible from the land, so it is only the passengers of boats passing by who relax on the shores. Due to the fact that it is secluded, the beach is the nesting place of several bird species.

Il Canneto

This quiet sandy beach can be found near Punta Castagna. It is almost impossible to access it from the land – you should approach from the water! It is a small pebbly beach that is perfect for those who prefer being alone. The beauty of the place is that there is a small waterfall pouring down into the sea from the mountain.

The best coasts and bays in the Italian Riviera: If you like the buzz

Do you like people, dancing, the Latin temper? We are now going to show you the coasts and bays in the Italian Riviera where life never stops!


The pebbly beach of Camogli is clean and beautiful; the water is more shallow. It is more crowded; there is music everywhere. You can rent sunshades and loungers so that your time spent on the beach is perfect. After swimming, you can choose from the restaurants.

Final Ligure

Final Ligure is a classic sandy beach. It has a long boardwalk with restaurants and cafés. You can have an ice-cold cocktail under the palm trees. On summer nights, there are many clubs on the boardwalk to choose from. If you want a real party on the beach, stop at Final Ligure!


Levanto is a heaven for surfers. Sandy beach and waves – what else would a wave enthusiast need? The place is always buzzing with life. Beside surfing, you can also go scuba diving or rent a kayak. You can try the Ligurian dishes and wines right next to the beach. It is worth visiting the place with a large group of friends to have an unforgettable experience!


There are several beaches in Bergeggi to choose from. Majorca Beach has open-air tables and offers great drinks to those who are looking for refreshment. Bergeggi Beach is a giant public beach where families with children will also have a great time. There are beaches all over the entire shore segment of the town, so you will definitely find the perfect one for you!

Bagni Segesta

Bagni Segesta is a beach in Sestri Levante, and it is full of life. There is a wide sandy beach here with colourful sunshades and comfortable loungers. This is what you should expect! There are a cocktail bar and swimming pools on the beach; it has complete infrastructure. Life never stops during the night either – you will be enchanted by the Latin tunes!

7 more beaches in the Italian Riviera: a wide selection to choose from

If you want, even more, check out 7 more beaches in the Italian Riviera! You can read about more special as well as less known beaches here. Our selection contains the best beaches from the east to the west.

Mortola Inferiore

The famous Hanbury Botanical Gardens are located next to the town. The most beautiful beach in the area, Baia di Latte, is covered with rich flora. It is a true natural gem; there are usually only a few fishing boats rocking on the sea. The beach is a bit more secluded, but this makes it even more beautiful.

Balzi Rossi

This incredibly blue bay can be found near Ventimiglia. It provides a beautiful view of some more distant towns on the shores. It is a nice and civilized beach with glooming and clean waters.


There are many beaches in Imperia. You can find sandy, pebbly and rocky bays as well. In general, it is a well-established beach with bars and toilets. Regardless of whether you arrive with your family or friends, you will definitely find the perfect spot.


The beach of Lovano is similar to most beaches in Riviera di Levante. It is elegant, wide and spacious. Travellers can enjoy a lot of bars and restaurants along the shores. Larger catering facilities have their own pool, so you can use them if you have had enough of salty water.


This small fishing village is located near Genoa. You will feel like time has stopped here. The entrance to the colourful, multi-storied buildings are directly on the sandy beaches; there are no passages. It is like reality has remained behind the doors of the houses in this strange place. Its small beach surrounded by the buildings offers a unique experience.

Punta Pedale

This public beach on the west side of the Rapallo Gulf has the atmosphere of the western Riviera. There are smaller towns here than on the eastern part; the wildness of nature is more significant. Local beaches serve rather as public places; locals love spending time there cooking and listening to music. They often organise large gatherings for families and friends. There is always happiness in the air.


The centre of the Cinque Terre area is Vernazza. This small village is mostly famous for the viticulture, but the beach here also has a unique beauty. It is covered with black and white rocks, which are typical in the area. This small bay can be found hidden under the houses of the town, at the bottom of a steep rock wall. It can easily be accessed by boat.
In this article, we have provided you with some coasts and bays in the Italian Riviera. It is hard to choose, as this region has many wonderful places to offer. You should get on board as quickly as you can, and explore the best beaches in the Italian Riviera!