If you want to relax, your usual first choice is the beach, where you can do water sports, lie in the sun, swim, scuba dive, make romantic walks. Whatever your aim may be, you’ll enjoy it there. The island and its neighbourhood offer many pleasant and exciting beaches that expect you to discover them. We now help you, so if you want to visit surely excellent beaches, choose from here! beaches in Sicily

The story will discuss beaches with the following bullet points:

Best beaches in Sicily: fun in the port cities

There are three large port cities in Sicily: Messina, Palermo, Catania. These three cities are the busiest on the island and they each have great beaches.


Messina’s beach with sand and pebbles lies about 3.8 km from the city centre. The city view can be enjoyed the swimmers off the beach. Ships at the coast create a special atmosphere on the beach.

Palermo Arenella:

is one of the most pleasant beaches of the area. It has a beautiful sandy coast that is surrounded by the beautiful city and the mountains nearby. The coast with its picturesque view is considered to be one of the busiest and most popular beaches in the city.


There is no special beach in Catania, you have to go a little further to find one. One of these is Playa, where unlike other places you have to pay. In exchange you can lie in the sun on a sunbed, you can use parasols, take a shower and go to the toilet. You can also surf here because the wind blows here almost permanently. Besides you can also visit various bars and restaurants if you are hungry or thirsty. The view is also wonderful, you can see the port of the city from here as well as Etna.bay in Sicily

Capo Mulini:

You can find Capo Mulini 14 km from Catania. It has a beautiful sandy beach and a fishermen’s village nearby. The view gives very much the impression as if a painting got live in front of your eyes. The beach with a small port, crystal clear water, and tasty fish dishes is a perfect choice for a pleasant afternoon swim.

Aci Trezza:

Are you looking for a beach that is even calmer than that? Then go to Aci Trezza just 11 kilometres from the city. This beach Marine Riserva Dei Ciclopi

is on a nature protection area. The view is superb (just look at the cliff „Faraglioni” that stands in three seas), sea water is clean and calm and you can also do scuba diving here.

Beaches and coasts around the island

Sicily has beautiful sandy beaches. Besides the three port cities, there are pleasant and lively beaches in other towns too.

Lungomare Cefalú:

It is one of these is a beach between Messina and Palermo. The atmosphere of the beach with golden –coloured sand is guaranteed by the historic city centre that is just a few steps behind the wonderful sea. If you want calm swimming and sunbathing or just want to admire the picturesque landscape, then this beach is your first choice!

beaches in the Lipari-islands

A beach with one of the warmest sea waters can be found in Lipari-islands. The coast section that lies in a beautiful environment is especially popular among tourists with family.

Spiagga Marinello:

Oliveri is located in the north of Sicily. The fairy-tale like Spiagga Marinello beach is to be found in its neighbourhood. The warm and shallow sea is divided by a small, sandy appendix into two. A few steps in the back you see small lakes on the sandy beach.

Isola Bella:

The best bet of water sports lovers is the beach of Taormina, Isola Bella, which lies to the north of Catania. The fast deepening beach is highlighted by a breathtaking the island from the range of beaches.

Cala Dello Zingaro:

If you want to be far from the noise of vehicles, then you’d better choose Cala dello Zingaro. This fantastic beach is in the western corner of the island. The sandy beach with rock walls has a rich animal and plant world.

Riviera de Ciclopi:

is a funnily shaped beach due to an eruption of Etna. There are historical and cultural sights near the coast. Legend has it that it was here, where Odysseus met the cyclopses, that is why this coast section got the name „Riviera of Cyclopses”.

Spiaggia Sabbie Nere:

On the island of Vulcano, you can find an interesting beach that locals call Spiaggia Sabbie Nere. What makes this beach special? You’ll find the answer as soon as you spot the beach: the colour of the sand here is not the usual white, but black. This black and does not only differ from usual sand in its colour, but it also heats up more due to its colour.Coasts and islands in Sicily

Lido Mazzaro:

You also get the chance to meet stars and all you should do is to visit Lido Mazzaro beach. This is considered to be Sicily’s trendiest and most beautiful beach, where stars also often go. Though this beach is not sandy but covered by small pebbles and it is also rather small, but still it is worth visiting. The azure blue water and the landscape that create a picturesque view will reason your decision.

Cala Rossa:

which is a beach with beautiful water, can be found in the west of Sicily. The crystal clear and cold sea is among the most popular beaches. The place also has a rocky coast that is suitable for both scuba diving and swimming.

San Vito Lo Capo:

Finally, one of the most wonderful and busiest beaches is at the town of San Vito Lo Capo. You can see cliffs and with wonderful white sand on the coast. The water is transparent and clear. It is a busy beach, yet it’s worth visiting by all means. It is not only the water that is pleasant, but it also has a great atmosphere and the cliffs of the coast just make this place more beautiful.
You can find many exciting leisure time activities in Sicily from relaxing swimming to open-air adventures. Discover the popular coastlines that have abundant natural beauties. The island has both very popular and less frequented beaches, so you can find the one that is most suitable for your relaxation or adventures. Enjoy the sea air on the beach sipping your cocktail!