Croatia’s beaches are worthy of being world-famous. Thanks to its pleasant Mediterranean climate and diverse coastline that stretches for long, it’s home to countless gorgeous beaches. There’re various types of beaches to choose from: from fine sandy beaches, through pebbly ones to rocky beaches that are all suitable for swimming. You can make your choice between the best beaches that often feature on the top of world-famous top lists, offering a fantastic experience for all travellers.

Below you’ll find a non-exhaustive list of the beaches that are considered to be the best or most beautiful ones:

Beaches in Croatia: Zlatni Rat Beach

One of these beaches is Zlatni Rat, which has already won the title of the ‘best European beach’ three times in a row. The beach is located 4 kilometres from the town of Bol on the island of Brac. The beach has a typical V shape. The spit of land stretches for approximately 500 metres. Its clean, mostly pebbly beach is constantly shaped by the gently crashing waves of the Adriatic Sea. The size and exact shape change year by year due to the effect of the forces of nature. The region has a pleasant breeze making the beach suitable for surfing too. It’s important to mention that the beach consists mainly of pebbles and therefore it is advised to wear swimming shoes. There’re several restaurants and cafes offering a variety of local food

Puna Rata Beach

Puna Rata- The pebbly beach awaits travellers with crystal clear blue waters. Unique rock formations embellish the coastline to add to the breathtaking scenery. This all is only a short boat ride from Bol town and Zlatni Rat Beach. According to the American magazine Forbes, Punta Rata Beach ranked 6th on the list of the most beautiful beaches of the world. It was the gold-winner on the European list.

Beaches in Croatia: Korčula island

Korčula island is the sixth-largest and southernmost island of the Adriatic Sea. It’s fair to claim that it has become one of the most popular destinations in Croatia due to its atmospheric streets, alleyways and wonderful green verdure. Another alluring factor is that there’re several sandy stretches of coastline on this island, hosting such prestigious beaches like Bili Zal and Przina.


Bisevo is a tiny island with a territory of only 6 square kilometres approximately situated in the open sea. The island is famous for the Baluni bay and its so-called Modra Splija or Blue Cave. Time your visit to arrive around noon; that’s the best time to admire as the sunbeams filter in the cave, tinting the water a gorgeous shade of dark blue.

bay in Bisevo

Beaches in Croatia: Nin

The town of Nin is located in close proximity of Zadar, in Zadar County on the Nin peninsula. Most of the peninsula is characterized by its almost exclusively gently sloping, sandy beaches. These beaches count as the most spectacular ones in the whole region. Owing to its uniquely shallow waters, sea temperatures of the peninsula’s coastline tend to be even more pleasant than elsewhere in Croatia. It surely is an ideal place for recreation especially for families or couples who seek peace and tranquillity.


Vodice town beach is a vibrant stretch of the coastline expanding for several kilometres in a gorgeous long bay. This is one of the longest beaches in Croatia where you can try many water sports. The beach is lined with a variety of clubs, bars and restaurants. It is a gently sloping pebble beach facing west, thus it is a wonderful spot to admire the sunset.


The town of Omis is located in the Split region, nestled among mighty mountains. It has picturesque beaches mostly with pebbles, but also with a few sandy ones. Visitors will be enchanted by the gently sloping beach and its and pristine sky blue water. The town beach of Omis is located on the narrow peninsula that stretches opposite the old town and it is a really lively sandy stretch of the coastline. The beach is lined with wonderful olive trees groves that offer a pleasant shade in the summer heat. However, if you’d like to be closer to the sea, parasols and sunbeds are also available for renting directly at the beach.
Unlike the town beach, Nemira is a beach with small pebbles, but its charm and beauty lie exactly in that. It is an extremely beautiful beach that slopes a lot quicker than the others.bay in Croatia

Beaches in Croatia: Makarska

The city is probably the most popular holiday resort town on the southern edge of Croatia. Makarska Riviera stretches from the peninsula of St. Peter to the north. The pebbly town beach –that stretches for 2 kilometres– and the town itself are the centres of bender and nightlife. The place where there’s something happening all the time, it’s impossible to get bored. The beach slopes moderately and is thus suitable for all travellers. Thanks to its facilities and neatness it’s also been honoured with the Blue Flag award. For the children, the swimming inflatable bouncy castles offer a lot of water fun in a separate area, whilst the grown-ups can choose between many water sports or enjoy various refreshments in one of the taverns or bars alongside the promenade. After an alluring sunset, a multitude of restaurants, bars and clubs await those who would like to live it up.

Beaches in Croatia

The Blue Flag Award

135 ports and beaches have received the Blue Flag award in Croatia including 115 beaches and 20 marinas. This is indicated by displaying a blue flag on the beach or in the port. Blue Flag is basically an international award accompanied by an ecological and environmental certification. To be honoured with the award, ports and beaches have to meet strict criteria in regards to environmental management. This award displays the cleanliness of the beach and water and the high standards of equipment and facilities. The award is not granted forever, only for a year.

Everyone will find the perfect beach meeting his needs, let it be families with kids, couples seeking for a spot to spend some romantic time together or young travellers, groups of friends wishing to paint the town red. Croatia’s beaches entice with a great variety of ways of recreation to please all travellers.