Sibenik, the North-Dalmatian paradise, is one of the preferred cities among yacht owners. It is also an ideal starting-off point to explore the region. Wherever we drop our anchor, there are cosy bays and beaches welcoming us. Regarding culinary experiences, Sibenik is rich in restaurants offering many local specialities and their famous red Babic wine. Compared to other Adriatic medieval cities Sibenik is unique because it was not built directly by the coast, but by the banks of the Krka River. Basically, we are swimming here in a river.beaches in Sibenik

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General information on Croatian beaches

Croatian beaches gained the prestigious brand”Blue Flag” for engaging in nature preservation and ecology. The Blue Flag symbolizes the high standard of water cleanliness. The rating is being supervised; thus it is always up-to-date. In order to preserve their goodwill beaches are under constant maintenance and development.

Beaches in Sibenik

The water of Sibenik beaches is not salty since the sea water melts with the freshwater of the river Krka in the bay. The beach of Banj is the most popular. The second popular one is Jadrija Beach, a few kilometres from Sibenik, with its pebble-stoned shore. The third is Beach Srima on the peninsula of Srima on the opposite side of the estuary of River Krka.beaches in Sibenik

Beaches near Sibenik

Beaches north from Sibenik


Vodice is, in fact, Sibenik’s holiday resort. Fantastic summer feeling, romantic evening strolls – all these are waiting for you here. However, there is only one port, numerous beaches can be found. The small pebble-stoned beach of Rezaliste, for example, is quite beloved by children. It lies in Brodarica, the suburb of Sibenik. Of course, the region’s best beach, Solaris Beach, must be mentioned too. It has got many international prizes and it is proud of its prize as the Best Beach of the Adriatic. Its beautiful shore is 4 km long. A great active programme could be a visit to Dalmatian’s first aqua park. However, Tribunj is a small island, it offers outstanding beach facilities. The next great place for plunging into the water is by Pakostane.

Biograd na Moru, Sveti Filip, Kornati

Biograd na Moru can be found on a small peninsula with several sights and cosy beaches. Families with children, though, would rather enjoy the coast of Sveti Filip i Jakov.
There are other small islands accessible by boat near Sibenik where the coastline is also marvellous. If you prefer tranquil beaches, choose the sandy Zlarin with its picturesque pine forest and spacious port. It’s not surprising, I reckon, that there are fishing villages preserving their old traditional atmosphere like Prvic. On the island of Murter, the beach has a unique shape as a white tongue stretched into the sea on the south-western part. The most popular resort is in Slanica Bay. Kornati islands are the largest and densest island group of the Adriatic. The Kornati National Park occupies its biggest part. It gained its reputation for its stunning white limestone formations erupting like magic from the contrasting blues of the Adriatic Sea and the sky.

Beaches south from Sibenik

Primosten, a medieval town on a small peninsula, is famous for its red Babic wine. A long pebble-stoned coastline stretches along its north side making it ideal for small kids, while the south side is rather wild and rocky. As a matter of fact, it is a favourite place for divers too. A naturist beach can be found on the small island of Smokvica. In addition, splendid pebble-stoned beaches are to be found on the Raduca peninsula. The small town of Rogoznica can offer similar facilities like Primosten. A bridge spans over the small island and the land. Its soil is fertile for producing grapes, and divers find great adventure here too. Let’s walk from the port of Marina to its sandy beach, after visit its 15th century Marina Tower.Coasts and islands in Sibenik

What does North-Dalmatia guarantee? Well, first of all; a Mediterranean atmosphere, crystal clear, gradually deepening warm water and lots of sunshine. We can enjoy the sunrise on the land, while the sunset is the most beautiful on the eastern part of the dense islands. This gorgeous world easily captures your heart.