Those who wish for a bath can choose from a variety of gorgeous sections of shore on the island of Krk and Punat. Indented shore, tiny gulfs, mostly untouched nature, and crystal clear water are their main traits. The island’s whole shore is practically suitable for swimming. There are pebbly, sandy, and concrete areas, whatever you wish for. Most of the constructed beaches have Blue Flag rating. Two of the best on Croatia’s top list are on the island.

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Beaches in Punat

Punat is a paradise for the lovers of water sports. The largest beaches of the island of Krk are all here. You will find every type: rocky, pebbly, and concrete as well. The average temperature from May to October is 22 °C, which provides optimal conditions for water experiences.

The beaches lie south to the port until the Gulf of Krk. Due to the boat traffic, you can’t swim around the port. There’s a small electric railway on the shore, which you can take between beaches. They constructed small, artificial gulfs, closed by breakwaters. At the centre of the section, there’s an aqua park with numerous restaurants. It’s interesting how you can see the castle of Krk from the outer parts of the town’s beach.

Coasts and bays Punat’s vicinity

When staying in Punat, it’s worth trying more local beaches, especially, if you’re looking for a less crowded, calmer environment. By boat or beach mattress you can explore stunning, hidden baths at the feet of rock walls.

Beaches of Baska

The two top list beaches are on the south side, 9 km from Punat, at Baska. The sandy-pebbly beach of Vela Plaza (the Big Beach) is 1800 m long. It’s perfect for children and people who can’t swim. The other incredibly beautiful beach is Stara Baska. Besides that, you’ll find plenty of other romantic gulfs around Baska to avoid the crowd. The nudist beach, Bunculuka is about 1 km from Baska, and there’s another nudist beach in Malinska as well called Rajska Plaza. It’s the pleasure of truly untouched nature. The Rupa beach in Malinska is in the town centre. The upper part of the area is concrete, it’s rocky in the middle, but the way to the sea is sandy, thus, ideal for children as well. Porat is in a sheltered gulf near Malinska with two charming, pebbly shores: Rova and Japlenica. The Konobe is for nudists.beaches in Punat

Beaches of Krk

The town of Krk offers the best and widest variety of beaches in the island in terms of equipment and construction. Such beaches are Plaza Porporela Ježevac, Plaza Drazica, and Kornic. Politin is nudist camping and beach. Drazice beach lies in a gorgeous environment, where dogs are welcome as well. Zarok is also one of the dog-friendly beaches.

Beaches in Pinezici, Njivice and in the Gulf of Soline

Jerte beach is in the small village of Pinezici. The deck chairs, sun umbrellas, and changing rooms with showers offer a high level of comfort, but there’s also a cosy restaurant, a small sports centre, and many trees providing sunshade. The beaches in Njivice are mostly sandy and partly pebbly. There are many sandy sections for nudists as well. You can find sandy beaches with medicinal mud in the Gulf of Soline. Meline, a mud beach with health-giving called near Cizici is a special experience. You can enjoy the pleasant effects of mud at Silo as well.

Beaches in the Gulf of Slivanjska-, Sveti Marko – and Zgribnica

Rudine is an old village on the island. Its most famous sight, the Biserjka cave is a popular destination. The beach is in the Gulf of Slivanjska on a long, sandy section of shore. It’s especially recommended for families with small children. The sandy beach in the Gulf of Sveti Marko in Risika is also an ideal choice for those with children. There are several natural gulfs and sandy beaches under a small town built on a hilltop called Vrbnik. One of the nicest beaches here is Potovosce. The pebbly shore is great for families with small kids. If you wish for some time alone, just walk along the seaside, where you’ll find more, silent gulfs. Another marvellous beach is in the Gulf of Zgribnica. The seaside promenade and the beach itself are well-maintained and safe. Changing rooms with showers and restaurants are also available here.beaches in Punat

About the Croatian beaches

Some beaches in Croatia have blue flag rating. This represents the cleanness of the sea, and a well-built, well-maintained, high-quality environment. As they overview it constantly, the rating is always up to date. Supervisions ensure that these places have constant development and maintenance, otherwise, they lose their rating.

It’s worth buying a pair of beach sandals, as well as a thicker mattress. Most places have playgrounds and rentable equipment as well, besides diving, surf, and tennis schools, and jet-ski rental opportunities.

Locals also refer to the island of Krk as Golden Island referring to its sandy beaches unusual to the Croatian coast. Wherever you go, don’t forget your bathing suit since you can dip in the water almost anywhere. The Mediterranean environment, crystal clear water, and sparkling sunshine are all guaranteed. Moreover, you can even find sections facing west, which means you can take pleasure in viewing the sunset above the sea. This region is the eternal paradise of true relaxation.