The coastline of Istria is almost 430 kilometres long, so it provides countless different opportunities in terms of beaches. Istria is amongst the most beautiful and interesting places in Croatia. It has a more pleasant, moderate Mediterranean climate than southern regions. As a result, there are more areas with green forests and beaches here. The average temperature in the summer rises up to 23–28 °C, which warms the sea water to a nice 24 °C. Its beaches are popular and versatile.bay in Istria

Beaches in Istria: Beaches in Rovinj

Rovinj might be the first place that comes to mind when we hear the name Istria. Rovinj is one of the most prestigious resorts all across Croatia. Besides the many sights to visit, there are a great variety of beaches here as well. Beaches here normally have small pebbles, but there are also sandy beaches.
The city beach in Rovinj is about 150 meters long and is located in the open rocky area of the peninsula. The sea can be approached on the stairs built on the rocks on the beach, from every direction.

The Red Island

It can be reached by a 15-minute-long boat cruise from Rovinj. We can also find a tiny island here called Maskin. They are so close to each other that they are connected by a footbridge, providing an easy walk through. We can find several tiny and well-equipped beaches around the island, which have a nice atmosphere, and where we can enjoy our summer holidays in the cool shades of the trees.

Bays in Istria: Vestar

Not far from Rovinj, in front of the camping site Vestar there is a sandy, slowly deepening bay. Due to the fact that it is stranded, it is less crowdy than the city beach of Rovinj, but still offers visitors an enchanting experience.

Bays in Istria: Zlatna Uvala

The “Golden Bay” is a natural treasure where we can enjoy the Mediterranean summer in peace, without having to worry about the crowds of tourists. The shade is provided by the trees which surround the whole bay. The beach does not have any equipment or catering facilities, so we have to take care of everything for ourselves. But this is exactly what makes the bay a charming place, so it is definitely worth paying a visit there.beaches in Istria

Beaches in Istria: The beaches of Rabac


We are near Rabac. The beach with the best equipment can be found in front of the Girandella resort. We can try many watersports on the beach such as banana boating, scuba diving or waterskiing.

The Beach of St. Andrea

The Beach of St. Andrea is located near the old city of Rabac, amongst the hotels Valamar Sanfio, Pollux and Marina. This is a small beach with pebbly and rocky parts, where the atmosphere is great. There are excellent restaurants in the rocky area above the beach.


This long, slowly deepening pebbly beach is located near the boardwalk of Rabac. It is recommended for families with small children due to its characteristics. The beach is very well-equipped. They have eco workshops and different events for tourists on the beach, and visitors can rent loungers and sunshades. There are also toilets, changing rooms and outdoor showers.

Coasts in Istria: Maslinica

It can be found south of the old city of Rabac. It is a 500 meter-long beach with tiny pebbles. The beach is equipped well thanks to hotels located behind it. There are water slides, restaurants, bars and watersports opportunities on the beach. Maslinica provides a beautiful sight of the port and the old city of Rabac.bay in Istria

Beaches in Istria: The beaches in Umag

The city Umag and its surrounding environment have many diverse beaches. Sandy and pebbly beaches can both be found here.

Sol Polynesia – Umag

One of the most beautiful beaches in Umag is Polynesia. Sandy and small-gravelled, shallow shore segments vary here. One of the areas is a naturist beach surrounded by pines. Above the beach in Katoro, children can play on an exciting playground.

Bays in Istria: Katoro – Umag

Katoro Beach can also be found in the Katoro area. This is a beach located in an enormous bay. The pavement is mostly concrete, but the place is still recommended to everyone, regardless of age. There is a giant water slide, a playground and a beach volleyball court behind the beach. Adults can enjoy the refreshing cocktails and local cuisine in the bars along the beach. The beach is well-equipped; they provide changing rooms, showers and restaurants here.

Coasts and bays in Istria: Medulin – Bijeca

This is the only sandy beach in Medulin, which is located in a large, slowly deepening bay. It is ideal for families due to its characteristics. The beach is well-equipped, so we can find everything here that we could possibly need. Bars, water games, sunshades and loungers will all make our stay even more exciting.beaches in Istria

The many tiny bays in Istria: Koversada – Vrsar

The beach, which is 5 kilometres long, is surrounded by several cosy little bays. There are rocky shore segments ideal for scuba diving, and larger, sandy parts as well. We can find all the services and comfort we may need. The beach has a Blue Flag certification, so the perfectly clear and shiny waters are a guarantee.

The Istria peninsula is a versatile place in every means. Based on the spots listed above, we can see that this Croatian region has several fine beaches. Everyone can definitely find the perfect spot for themselves.