Another country’s culture always makes us excited during our holiday. Sea lovers, for instance, definitely choose a destination with a fascinating coast where they can feel the real smell of the sea. For them, the Mediterranean region offers a varied coastline. While rocky-pebble stone beaches await us in Croatia, Italy provides a sandy coastal experience. Not to mention the climate of the Mediterranean that creates a basis of a superb beach vacation. The pleasant water, a cool breeze and hot temperature contribute to your tranquil coast holiday.
Not just the cool beachfront that makes the place outstanding, but its easy access by boats. Beyond them, we only need to grab a great book to have perfect relaxation. We cannot imagine better pictures on postcards than all these Mediterranean beaches. Look!
beaches in the Mediterranean

Vela Plaza – The coast of waves

Vela Plaza – one of the most famous Croatian beaches – is situated in the centre of Baska on Krk Island, Croatia. It thanks its popularity to the wonderful surroundings of its 1800 meter long beach.
During peak season the pebble-sandy beach is quite crowded. So if you are longing for a peaceful vacation, choose the months within the low season. Of course, the destination is beloved by children too due to its big waves.
If you would rather sit in the shade while sipping delicious refreshment in cafés and restaurants instead, then visit the promenade behind the beach.

Makarska – Lying by the foothill of mountains

Makarska backed by the rocky heights of the Mount Biokovo is a popular Croatian town among boatmen since its beach offers excellent recreation. The 1500 meter long seaside stretches from the Northern part of the Peninsula of Saint Peter to the Franje Tuđmana promenade.
Although the clean beach attracts adults, the gradually deepening water attracts children. Your towel can be laid on the pebbled shore, and if it’s too hot, just seek the shade of the surrounding pine trees.
Due to the continuously growing tourism more and more shops have emerged on the shore; furthermore, companies providing a wide range of water sports services, i.e. kayak, paddle boat or other rentals that make your stay even more memorable.Coasts in Makarska

Megali Ammos – The best spot on Skiathos

Megali Ammos can be found on Skiathos, Greece’s 48-square-metre tiny island. For bathing or renting different watercraft, do not hesitate; choose the beach of Megali Ammos.
Several coffee bars await you on this beautiful sandy beach with green mountain view behind them. Therefore, you get a great sea and mountain view during beach time.

Anthony Quinn Bay – A breath-taking spot

The Anthony Quinn Bay is an attractive cove on Rhodes. It was named after the main character of the film Zorba, the Greek, whose acting had impressed the Greek so much that the actor was proclaimed an honorary Greek citizen.
The bay bounded by large cliffs lies a few kilometres from Faliraki. However, there is a pebble beach; scuba divers can dive in the deeper parts of the crystal-clear sea.
First of all, we recommend it for experienced beachgoers and good swimmers since the water deepens fast. But it is a must for them.

Plage de Cavaliere – The French azure miracle

From all the spectacular beaches and fabulous landscapes of South-France, it is hard to choose. The Plage de Cavaliere is one of the most popular shores in Le Lavandou.
Almost a kilometre of silk sand, an azure sea and various services like shops, cafés and bars are waiting for the beach lovers to be explored.
Besides highlighting the clean water and shore, we must mention the free parking lot thereby.

Marina Beach Cogolin – an experience of the familiar pleasant spirit

Let’s stay in France a bit more and visit the city of Cogolin in the Var department. However the population of the city is 12,000, its tourism is constantly booming.
If you happen to sail around on a boat, do not miss Marina Beach, the city’s pearl. This 250-meter long sandy beach lies along the harbour. It is not regarded to be a crowded one, so peace-seekers are also welcome.

Cala Macarella – Caribbean atmosphere on Menorca

The beaches in the Mediterranean are often compared to the Caribbean , so when visiting Menorca it feels like we’ve stepped foot on a Caribbean island. The island possesses a 200-metre-long coastline by the Mediterranean Sea.
You can view all those picturesque beaches in the Southern part which attracts guests on different websites. The turquoise sea, soft white sand and amazing cliffs – these are all waiting for you here.
Cala Macarella, easily accessible from Ciutadella, is one of the most famous beaches.bay in Menorca

Cala Bassa – Splashing in Ibiza

The beach is the beauty of Ibiza that can be found a 15-minute car drive from San Antonio. Its greatest advantage is its easy accessibility by boats. Therefore, you can even jump from the deck into the clear sea.
The beach provides a wide range of facilities. Mothers with baby carts and people with a wheelchair can also access it on wooden walkways. It boasts of its Sabina trees surrounding the 300-metre long coastline, and its impressive turquoise blue water.
Whether it is a jet ski or a paddle boat, water lovers can rent here all types of watercraft. Moreover, not just the tourists, but locals also prefer this beach.

Puritá – The queen of Puglia

Gallipoli is located by the Ionian Sea, on the West coast of the Salentine Peninsula. The charming beach of the city lying in a bay is called Puritá.
Actually, the city is divided into two parts: the modern town and the old town with a fort. The beach of Puritá is near the latter; thus its location contributes to its sheer atmosphere.coasts in Mediterranean

San Vito lo Capo – Top Sicilian beach

White sand and crystal-clear sea are what to expect on a beach near Trapani, also accessible by boats.
The almost one kilometre long San Vito lo Capo deepens gradually and is known for light waves. Therefore, it is a great choice for families with children.

The beaches in the Mediterranean are so variable with sandy or pebble, wild, well-equipped, crowded or familiar beaches with more/less turquoise water and light/strong waves. They are real pearls of the region which are always worth visiting.