The Mediterranean climate, wonderful beaches and interesting historic sights all make Northern Dalmatia an attractive place for millions of tourists year by year. Biograd na Moru is one of the gems in the area. It’s a unique Dalmatian town that offers relaxation to tired sailors on the land with its narrow alleys and limestone houses built tightly next to each other, providing shade in the summer. And if you can’t get enough of the sea, you can find nice beaches here. The sea water is clear, and we can find sandy and pebbly beaches as well. Everyone will find a suitable spot for swimming and sunbathing, regardless of their age and needs.bay in Biograd Na Moru

The article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Croatian beaches in general

In Croatia, they use flags at certain beaches. They mark the purity of the sea, the quality of the beaches and the well-organised environment. The certification is regularly supervised, so it is always valid. This ensures that places like these are always under maintenance and development so that they retain the qualification.

It’s useful to get a pair of sandals and a thicker beach mat for the pebbly beaches.

Beaches in Biograd na Moru: the famous blue flag beaches

We can find several well-organised beaches in the Biograd Riviera. The Riviera is a shore segment protected well from the wind due to the presence of the Pasman Island opposite the place.

The divided shore segment of Biograd has many bays and beautiful pebble and sandy beaches with different entertainment and sports facilities; tennis, basketball and football courts, scuba diving and swimming schools, bars and restaurants. There are also several spots where you can avoid crowds.

In the city center: Drazica beach

The most famous beach in Biograd na Moru is Drazica. It’s only a few minutes from the town centre on foot. It can be found next to a thick pine forest and a walking path. The 300 metre-long pebbly beach here has waterslides, a merry-go-round and many restaurants. They have a pool filled with sea water as well. There is a dense undergrowth along the whole beach which provides shade. The sea is warm and crystal clear. We can rent a paddleboat or a scooter here. The northern part is for nudists.beaches in Biograd na Moru

The southern part of Biograd na Moru: Soline beach

From the town centre, we can get to a beach called Soline – located at camping that bears the same name – using a well-built, tidy boardwalk along the sea. Soline is a long modern beach that lies underneath the pines. It’s also very diverse: there is a pebble and a rocky part here, as well as a beautiful bay with clean sand. Since water deepens slowly at these parts, we can walk in at least a hundred meters. The spot is perfect for families with small children and non-swimmers. We can rent a kayak or a paddleboat, and kids will also be happy about the trampolines. There is a closed part designated specifically for swimmers.
For those who don’t like the crowd, there is a perfect beach 2 kilometres from the centre, in Kumenat, at an elegant resort. The pebbly part has a concrete pavement and is surrounded by a pine forest.

We can reach the Crvena Luka bay going further from Kumenat on foot or from the direction of the sea. This is a sandy and rocky shore segment protected by the wind; the northern part is for nudists. The water level is just above our knees for hundreds of meters long and is warm and clean.

Coasts and bays in Biograd na Moru: Beaches around Biograd

There are many pebbly and sandy beaches between the town and Sveti Filip I Jakov, for several kilometres. These are suitable for families with kids and for those who prefer peace to the noisy crowds. One of the most popular spots is Plaza Bosana where we can find a playground, a volleyball court and a restaurant as well. Turanj and Sveti Petar are similarly pleasant beaches.

Pakostane, located 9 kilometres from the town, also offers many beaches. Pilatusa is a nice example: surrounded by beautiful pines, the beach is pebbly and the water is studded with diverse sandbanks. The most famous beach is Buzakovina – it’s a sandy spot with slowly deepening water which makes it ideal for children.

The most popular beach in Sukosan is Dejci Raj, which translates to “Kids’ Heaven”; it’s a sandy beach with shallow and pleasantly warm waters making the spot ideal for children.

It’s worth visiting the Sveta Katarina Island nearby by boat; it also offers fabulous shores.bay in Biograd na Moru

The shores of the Pasman Island

The amazing Pasman Island is located opposite Biograd na Moru.The northern part of the Pasman Islands has many sandy beaches. There are overall 7 bays between Tkon and Ugrenic for 3 kilometres. The most popular public beaches include Vruljica, Juznija and Ugrinic. The Tkon segment has natural sand, which is not very common in the Adriatic.

The Mediterranean environment is guaranteed in these parts of Northern Dalmatia, and so are crystal clear water and dazzling sunshine. We can even find shores with western orientation, offering us an opportunity to admire the sunset. The Biograd Riviera is an eternal paradise for those who like relaxing at the sea.