One beautiful spot follows another on the Opatija Riviera, in favour of vacationers. Indented coast, tiny gulfs, untouched pieces of nature, crystal clear water. Essentially, the whole shore is suitable for bathing. There are pebbly, sandy, and concrete sections, whatever you wish for. Sheltered by Mt. Ucka, the beneficial effects of the sea create a unique microclimate, which provides a constantly pleasant temperature for sea vacations, and an environment of special greenery. The sight of well-maintained, elegant buildings is only the icing on the cake!beaches in Opatija

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On Croatian beaches in general

In Croatia, the Blue Flag award of a beach stands for clean seawater and a well-maintained, high-quality section of shore. The rating is up-to-date as they review it constantly, and only reward the excellent ones – again and again.

As usual to the Croatian coast, Opatija’s section of shore is also mostly pebbly. Thus, beach sandals come in handy for walking conveniently on the seaside and in the water. For sunbathing don’t forget to take a mattress. Watersport equipment rental is available almost everywhere, and several places have diving and surf schools as well.

Best beaches in Opatija

Though Opatija is considered a seaside resort, it has no natural beaches. Besides the concrete beaches of the town along the Lungomare promenade, there are swimming pools filled with seawater in many places.

The main beach of Opatija, the famous Slatina is also artificial and a bit crowded in the main season. The beach is known for the two wave-shaped concrete arcs. Here, the seawater gets stuck for a while and heats up quickly. From the concrete shore, stairs lead into the sea. You’ll find a section filled with sand on the northern side of the beach, exactly in front of Hotel Milenji. The shore deepens very slowly, so it’s worth visiting with small children.

Most coastal hotels have their own gulfs or pools suitable for bathing. The other most popular beaches are Lido followed by Kvarner, Tomesevac, and Miramare.

In the gulf in front of Hotel Kvarner, you can take the stairs down to the sea. Here, the shore is sandy varied by some rocks. It has blue flag rating just like Tomasevac. The latter is a tiny beach in a pebbly gulf. The water deepens gradually making it ideal for families with small children. Miramare, which also has the blue flag, starts with a concrete shore, but the gulf itself is sandy.

The newest free beach in Opatija, Royal Beach, dates back to 2015. The luxurious environment fulfils visitors’ highest demands.coast of Opatija

Coast and bays in Opatija

Walking on the famous promenade of Lungomare from the centre of Opatija, you’ll find a line of beautiful beaches and shores.

Lovran, for example, has two gorgeous gulfs suitable for swimming. Those who wish for a cheerful, milling day on the beach will certainly have a good time on the charming pebbly shore of Medveja. It offers good diving opportunities as well.

About 3 km from the end of the promenade there’s the picturesque, natural section of Moscenicka Draga. This small town has a great atmosphere and one of the most amazing pebbly beaches of the Adriatic Sea.

Even further to the south, 23 km from Opatija, Brsec lies at the foot of a steep mountain. It’s a fascinating view!

In case the beach zone of the Opatija Riviera is not enough or inappropriate for you, try the beaches of the town’s northern neighbour, Rijeka.

Opatija, or otherwise Abbazia, is the most elegant town and bath resort in Croatia. According to that, the beaches are also high in quality, clean, and tidy. Beach umbrellas and watersport equipment are all available for rent. The amazing natural environment and unbroken quiescence of the town provide everything necessary for complete relaxation.