White sand under your feet, but the annual sunshine hours up in the cloudless sky. Dalmatia counts over 1,000 islands and provides diverse swimming opportunities for travellers of all kinds. Should it be families seeking for comfort and peace, couples or even groups of friends ready to party and for exciting adventures, Dalmatia will have a solution. You can splash on the natural beaches of hidden bays or enjoy sipping the refreshing cocktails and tasting the toothsome food offered by the bars on one of the developed beaches. beaches in Dalmatia

The Dalmatian beaches are predominantly characterised by tiny white pebbles, however, there’s also numerous white sand, gently sloping beaches with shallow waters to add to the diversity of this stunning area. Here’s a list of some of the most fascinating beaches of the Dalmatian coastline, from north to south, where every traveller will find something to fulfil their desires.

Sakarun beach on the island of Dugi

The island has a territory of 115 square kilometres, thus qualifying as the largest island in the Zadar region, stretching alongside the coast. The island welcomes ever-growing popularity owing to its amiable Mediterranean charm and tranquillity. Approaching it from Zadar, the best place for mooring is Sali, the most populous city as well as the main tourist hub of the island. At the northwestern part of the island, by Dugi Rat travellers can relax on a huge, stunning, gently sloping sandy beach with pristine waters.

East Coast of Dugi island

For the beach lovers who lust after some more sunshine and sea, it’s advised to seek for the perfect spots on the eastern, more sheltered side of the island. Most of these are rocky or pebble beaches and travellers can even come across a few concrete ones. Apart from Telascica bay, there will be room for a towel in all the other beaches; there’s plenty of space and no risk of being washed away by the tremendous flow of tourists. This secluded, covert part of Croatia is only frequented by travellers who are spending their holidays in the area, or by those, arriving by boat specifically to explore the manifold beauty this island has got to offer.


Vodice’s town beach stretches kilometres long on the edge of the city alongside the vibrant coastline and classifies as one of the longest beaches in Croatia. The beach is particularly well-equipped, lined with a variety of clubs, bars, restaurants and superb water sports equipment rentals to fulfil all needs. It’s a real paradise for those travellers who favour the lively day- or sparkly nightlife. The town beach takes pride in its gorgeous shallow waters lined with tiny pebbles sloping really gently and owing to its western position after a whole day of delightful swimming a stunning sunset will put the icing on the cake.

Bol, Brac Island

Hearing the word Croatia, almost everyone’s first thought is the island of Brac and the town of Bol with its justly famous Zlatni Rat beach. The beach itself is basically an extraordinary natural formation. Zlatni Rat Beach (Golden Horn) stretches into the sea like a little peninsula in the shape of a horn, providing a unique experience to the nature lovers. The most fascinating fact about the beach is that its territory and shape constantly changes due to the effects of the elements. A dip here will be refreshing even in the most sweltering heatwave as the gentle breeze that is present in the area brings a chill to the air.bay in Dalmatia


Necujam village is situated in Piskera bay, on the island of Solta, in North Dalmatia. The bay itself is quite unique as it encompasses eight smaller coves. In addition, Piskera bay is the biggest and most spectacular bay of the island spreading almost 2 kilometres in length and over one kilometre in width. A true gem far away from the tourist crowds. A tiny village, palm-fringed beaches with pristine sea and enough space to accommodate all the beach lovers. Necujam’s beach is a well-kept secret, so remote it’s almost unheard of in Croatia. Relaxing here is most certainly a pleasant, peaceful experience.


Stiniva bay

Vis Island is part of the Dalmatian archipelago and is situated on the side which faces the open sea. On the southern edge of the island, you can find the picturesque Stiniva bay which is easily accessible by boat. You can splash into the crystal clear waters of the stunning beach dotted with rocks and cliffs. Its exceptional uniqueness only reveals once you sail through the opposing cliffs that rise over the sea close to each other, serving as a gateway to the stunning bay. It’s a gently sloping beach, however, due to the slightly bigger sized rocks, it’s advised to bring water shoes. It’s also important to note that owing to the fact that the beach is encircled with cliffs, it’s a bit on the shady side, with less sunshine, however, it’s without a shadow of a doubt worth to visit it to wonder at its majestic beauty.

Beach of Srebrna

On the southern part of the island stretches one of the most alluring beaches of the Dalmatian coastline: Srebrna, or otherwise called Silver Beach, the name of which stems from the unique way the rocks of the beach sparkle in the moonlight.

Punta Rata, Brela

Punta Rata is the pearl of the Dalmatian coast. The beach of Brela town is considered to be one of the most stunning beaches of the world. It’s a gently sloping pebble beach with a romantic feel to it making it a perfect spot for families as well, but everybody would find joy in its manifold beauty. The beach is famous for its cleanliness and the special Brela Stone. The stone is quite an amusing sight itself, with a few Mediterranean pine trees reigning over this exceptional stone islet. It’s easy to swim around and marvel at the rock formation. The sight of the stone being illuminated after dark by lights inbuilt in the seabed will leave you breathless.

Makarska Riviera

The Makarska Riviera is located on the southernmost edge of Croatia–and Dalmatia–and is a vibrant coastline stretching for kilometres long. A very slowly sloping beach with tiny pebbles offering various water sports activities. Restaurants, bars and ice cream shops are plentiful to make sure that nobody will miss a thing throughout their stays. Being the southernmost point of Dalmatia the weather consistently tends to be very pleasant and thanks to its western position you can admire the sky changing colours as the sun is setting. After dark, the bars and different clubs are in the spotlight.Coasts and islands in Dalmatia

In the Dalmatian area, the most varied islands and beaches await you, rich with wonderful experiences to offer. In this stunning part of Croatia, everything is given for a perfect holiday: the pleasant weather and the sky blue sea is there, it’s only you who is missing.