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The 17 best beaches in the Italian Riviera: azure blue refreshment!

You can see beautiful beaches everywhere in the Italian Riviera; some of them are rocky, [...]

The 7 best beaches around Cannigione

Cannigione and its neighbouring areas, located in Costa Smeralda, have beautiful beaches. They are not [...]

The 8 best beaches around El Masnou

The town and its surroundings boast cosy, well-equipped beaches that are perfect for sunbathing and [...]

The 7 best beaches around Arzachena

We can access Arzachena’s excellent beaches easily. There are shady bays and family-friendly beaches here, [...]

The 9 best beaches in Roses

Regardless of whether you prefer large beaches with great amenities or you like smaller secluded [...]

Beaches in Rhodes

Turquoise beaches, soft sand, and coral reefs? In Rhodes, everything is about summer and relaxation. [...]

The 9 best beaches in Palamós

The small fishing town boasts a splendid beach that stretches for 3 km, encompassing various [...]

The 8 best beaches in Sitges

The coastline of the city is the app. 4 kilometres long, and incredibly, there are [...]

Best beaches in Paros: The 18 most gorgeous beaches in the island

You will find a beach almost every meter of the Paros coast. The bustling coastline [...]

The best beaches in Mykonos: Crowded beaches and quiet bays

The island of Mykonos is one of the most beautiful members of the Cyclades. There [...]

The 16 best beaches in Lavrion: Discover the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean Sea!

The most important part of a true Mediterranean holiday is the beach. On hot summer [...]

The 6 best beaches in L’Estartit

Thanks to the 50-kilometre-long, incredibly diverse landscape, the shores of L’Estartit can be divided into [...]

Beaches in Kos

The island of Kos is a real gem on the Aegean Sea. Awe-inspiring bays, verdant [...]

Best beaches in Santorini: The 16 most beautiful beaches in the island

The Santorini beaches are not the typical wide, sandy beaches. Rather, imagine wild coastlines, hiding [...]

The 27 Best beaches in Milos: Sail to the island of Thousand Bays, Milos!

Milos is a horseshoe-shaped island in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, a hundred [...]

The best beaches in Genoa: diverse beaches filled with joy

Genoa is Italy’s largest port city, where you can paddle as you please on the [...]

The 8 most beautiful beaches in Blanes

The city has a shore segment of more than 4 kilometres. It offers many breathtaking [...]

The 10 best beaches in Barcelona

The city has cosy and well-equipped beaches in the length of several kilometres. They are [...]

The 9 Best Beaches in Cambrils

Cambrils in Costa Dorada is different from Costa Brava. The coastline is less divided and [...]

Beaches in Ciutadella

The beaches in Ciutadella and in its surroundings are fairly beautiful. There are rocky romantic [...]

17 beaches in Maó-Mahón: Get refreshed in this unspoilt nature!

Maó-Mahón is the largest town of Menorca, which belongs to the Balearic islands. It lies [...]

The 10 most beautiful beaches in the seaside resorts along the Costa Brava coast

Do you love to sunbathe and swim in picturesque natural surroundings? Then Costa Brava is [...]

The 11 best beaches in Puglia

Explore the most stunning beaches and bays in Puglia through our article below. Puglia has [...]

12 Best beaches in San Remo: Refresh yourself on the Italian Riviera!

San Remo is the most beautiful city in the Western Riviera. Luxurious palaces, medieval fortresses, [...]

10 coastal destinations in Spain: The best beaches…

If you are looking for a nice holiday on a beach, Spain is a perfect [...]

The 12 best beaches in Liguria

Majestic cliffs, cosy bays, pastel-coloured houses; you’ll definitely associate these characteristics with the beaches in [...]

8 beaches of picturesque beauty in Bosa

There are several Sardinian beaches near Bosa that you should discover. Most of them are [...]

9 beautiful beaches in Carloforte

There are many beautiful beaches in Carloforte. They are characterised by the fine-grained, white sand, [...]

8 breathtaking beaches around Cagliari

You can find amazing beaches in the city and nearby – especially in Villasimius. Most [...]

Best beaches in Menorca: 20 shades of turquoise

It is well known that the shores of Menorca are unique in the world. There [...]

Beaches in Alghero: 8 picturesque beaches around Alghero

In the city and in its neighbourhood, you can explore several beautiful beaches. Sandy shore [...]

12 breathtaking beaches and spas in Moniga del Garda

The southern shores of Moniga del Garda are perfect for swimming. The air and water [...]

The 13 best beaches in Garda: You can swim in the clearest lake in Italy, in a beautiful environment

It’s mainly the southern part of Lake Garda that is ideal for swimming, as the [...]

8 excellent beaches in Navene di Malcesine

Although it’s the southern part of Lake Grada that is recommended for swimming, it’s northern [...]

Looking for the best beaches near Bar

Montenegro and its typical tiny towns can be mentioned as real pearls of the Adriatic [...]

Beaches in Athens: The best beaches in Athens you have to visit

There are millions of attractions in the Greek capital. In addition to historical sites, countless [...]

Beaches in Kastel Gomilicia: The best beaches in and around Kastel Gomilica

In central Dalmatia, the north-eastern warm coastal stream generates a mild climate with dry, hot [...]

The best beaches in Opatija and the Opatija Riviera

One beautiful spot follows another on the Opatija Riviera, in favour of vacationers. Indented coast, [...]

The best beaches in Biograd na Moru and its neighbouring area

The Mediterranean climate, wonderful beaches and interesting historic sights all make Northern Dalmatia an attractive [...]

Beaches in Salerno

Both the beaches and coves of Salerno are easily accessible by boat. The majority of [...]

Beaches in Agropoli: 9 beautiful beaches around the city

If you would like to have a holiday on the beach, Agropoli is a perfect [...]

The 13 best beaches in the Amalfi Coast, where you can have a dip in crystal clear waters

The breathtakingly beautiful Amalfi Coast is world-renowned and boasts several stunning beaches that are characterised [...]

The best beaches in Punat and its vicinity

Those who wish for a bath can choose from a variety of gorgeous sections of [...]

Beaches in Sibenik

Sibenik, the North-Dalmatian paradise, is one of the preferred cities among yacht owners. It is [...]

The best beaches in Mali Losinj

The astonishing shores of Croatia offer countless opportunities for those who wish to take a [...]

Beaches in Sukosan

North-Dalmatia is the paradise of boatmen. Its climate is hotter and more predictable than anywhere [...]

8 beautiful beaches in Dalmatia: from hidden coves to world-famous, top-ranking beaches

White sand under your feet, but the annual sunshine hours up in the cloudless sky. [...]

Beaches in Italy: 13 beautiful Italian beaches for you

Actually, Italy is not just rich in historic monuments but its breath-taking beaches attract thousands [...]

10 best beaches in the Mediterranean: ultimate joy and splashing experience

Another country’s culture always makes us excited during our holiday. Sea lovers, for instance, definitely [...]

11 best beaches in Istria

The coastline of Istria is almost 430 kilometres long, so it provides countless different opportunities [...]

8 beautiful beaches in Croatia

Croatia’s beaches are worthy of being world-famous. Thanks to its pleasant Mediterranean climate and diverse [...]

Best beaches in Sardinia: Dip in the azure blue sea

The second largest island in the Mediterranean region is famous for the beauty of its [...]

10 amazing beaches in Montenegro that you shouldn’t miss

Despite its isolatedness and small size Montenegro will offer very diverse beach options for all [...]

Beaches in the Aegean Sea: Fantastic beaches where you should go

Greece is known for its beautiful beaches all over the world. They can be found [...]